• I am a service that is being paid for. I will not provide services without pay.
    • I will not accept verbal abuse for any disagreements with the editing feedback I provide. My edits are, ultimately, suggestions. The author may disregard my edits at their discretion.
    • Marketing, distribution, and pricing of the final book are the author’s sole responsibility.
    • Use of copyrighted material in the files provided by the author are not my responsibility or fault. If I discover such material during an editing service, I will make a comment to suggest that it be replaced or removed. However, its removal from the final product is up to the author. I will make no such comments during a Typesetting service, as the files provided are the files that will be converted into a print or ebook without modifications by me.
    • I will not be responsible for or faulted for the use of AI-generated images or text in the files provided by the author. If I identify such material during an editing service, I will comment according to the level of service purchased.
    • I will make every effort to ensure that any fonts or images I select for the final product are royalty-free and not AI-generated.
    • All prices are based on the manuscript provided by the author before editing. Payment will be rendered upfront, either by PayPal or Square.
    • I do not own any rights to the material provided by the author.
    • The author agrees that I can use images of the work performed and any reviews given as part of my portfolio. The images used will not infringe upon the author’s intellectual property.
    • All edits pertaining to the work in question are my comments, and I grant the author the right to use them only as inspiration to modify and improve their own work. Direct quotations of my comments (in image, audio, text, or other as-yet unimagined media type) may not be used in the finished work nor for profit by anyone other than myself. I reserve this right indefinitely.
    • I will provide the finished product by the agreed-upon date unless mitigating circumstances exist, such as unforeseen accidents, death and dismemberment, etc. In that event, I will inform the author as far ahead of time as humanly possible.