Kaira Loi

Immortal Nox: The Lost City

Players disappeared 500 years ago, and no one wants them back.
So when Astra Diane respawns in Aesir, it is more than a little inconvenient for her porter, Xander, who is now a high-ranking member of the Church. As the only one in the world who can hand out unlocked Skills and respawn at Soul Stones, Astra is now a hot commodity for the cities looking to have a war and the remaining Porters who wish to increase their Skills. Astra has her own problems, however. She can’t log out.

Immortal Nox: The Library of Skills

Coming May 2023

Immortal Nox: The City of Sky

Coming May 2024

Immortal Nox: The Eye of God

Coming May 2025