Infinite universes spawn from our very thoughts and sometimes all they need is someone attuned to the frequencies to explore them. Unfortunately Kam Hilliard wasn’t exactly a willing participant in this experiment and travels the WanderVerse hoping to find a way out.

I am K. E. Ireland, a self published author with two young adult books available in print and ebook formats. If you’re interested in those, there are links on my website, however this Kickstarter isn’t about them, it’s about WanderVerse!

I’d like to do an unusual project on Kickstarter, a sort of “choose your own adventure” interactive story where people who donate money to me can add an idea. The story will be written in third person limited, following the main character on their adventures through the WanderVerse. All people who donated ideas used will be listed at the end of each chapter, of course, so you’ll know when your idea got used even if you don’t immediately recognize it. This is meant to be a fun project, funny, and possibly a little stream of consciousness at times. If you’ve ever seen the Excel Saga anime, that’s the type of project I’m going for. While I admittedly have lots of ideas on my own, I know that other people have ideas for stories or settings but no clue how to get it down on paper, that’s where I come in. You have a character idea you want to see used? Send it in! You want to read a cross between sci-fi thriller and heist genre? Send it in!

I will post each chapter of the story here, free to read for anyone.

I plan on posting a chapter, 15,000 words, on my website once a month.

The economy has been really bad, I’ve been unemployed for almost a year now. I’ve been applying to jobs I’m certainly qualified and sometimes overqualified for, but unfortunately have not had any luck. As it is, I’m looking at a dwindling savings and the possibility of losing my home. I’d rather not do that, so I decided to try something different. Since writing is what I do best, this is what I came up with.

By donating you can send in an idea for the story; character, setting, plot, genre, anything! I will have final say in how it is used in the story, but all ideas will be used. I’d prefer silly ideas over the grotesque, however, as I believe that would make for a better story in the long run.

The story will be licensed under a Creative Commons, meaning that derivative works are ok, and I don’t actually “own” any of the ideas that are given to me. I will not be selling copies of this book, though it may get packaged up and posted in ebook format on my Smashwords profile.

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