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I have a Patreon.

I’ve recently combined it with Clockwork Joker’s in order to produce more consistent and variety of updates. We’ve already got like 5 week’s worth of stuff in the queue. We’ve got a new project going for a web comic on Webtoons! It’s called “Danger Around Mount Pallin.” Set in a world run by magitech clockwork, the land turns its time and seasons like the sweeping hands of a clock, Mount Pallin in the middle, a looming mysterious peak that can be seen from anywhere in the world. 

This story is for the Discovery contest Webtoons is running, so it would be grand if you could support us with likes, shares, and talking about it to your friends. It’s gonna be fun!*

We have some sneak peeks on the Patreon for it, but in short:

  • Art by Clockwork Joker
  • Story by K. E. Ireland
  • Color by Dance of Thorns




*in the only way I know how to have fun, which involves torturing the cinnamon rolls. MWAHAHAHAA 

Wanna see something moldy? >:3

Here’s a short story I wrote in 2002. I remember it having something to do with a left of the center star, and bards who could leave important memories for other bards in order to pass vital information if they died or couldn’t get back. 

All in all, this tidbit is a bit repetitive and over-descriptiony, but I could do something with the setting for sure. Not bad for something I wrote in high school.

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A Corpse Revived (Phoenix Emperor .5)

The following is chapter 1 of 11. It is a short story that happens one year after Phoenix Emperor. Thus the .5 designation. Because it gets a bit, in Fanfic terms, lemon-flavored I will not be publishing this story in printed form. I will, however, make it available as an ebook for a dollar after it’s gone through a couple of editing cycles. The ebook version will be available in April 2018. 

If you’re interested in reading the rest of it, I suggest subscribing to my Patreon, as the chapters will be posted there once every couple weeks.


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Its CAT LOVE between two CATS~


I got nuthin today…

I’ve been busily working on Shaxia, though. So there’s that! 


Here’s a snippet:


Daharn would have climbed the wall if he could find any kind of hand hold.

“Nyxa!” Hasabi huffed as she came barreling out the door after. “Get back here and put on your panties!”

The toddler cackled from around the bend. Hasabi was soon out of sight as well.



yeah… that’s Natan’s offspring for sure. :)

Sorry sorry

I haven’t had anything to say on Fridays last few weeks because I ran out of my queued posts and NANOWRIMO started :)

I’m halfway through the month, a little over halfway through the goal, and I think I’m halfway mark on the story. 


Have an excerpt:


Vathion waited.

He tried to wait patiently.

Daharn put a hand on his knee to make him stop twitching and shaking the tree branch they were hiding in. As Scheerahis had described, the spider-walkers were moving in a circle around the base building. There were about ten Carken playing in the mud. One of them was riding a spider-walker, waving his tentacles and yodeling. If there had been any Hyphokos out listening for signs of Shaxin or Gilon, they wouldn’t have heard a thing.


It’s said often that when writing, you should show instead of tell, but no one really goes into detail on how to do this.

Well, here’s my attempt to explain.

Telling in writing is sort of a way of distancing your reader from the action. Such as, telling the reader “She felt affronted.” Or “He got ready and headed out the door.” These sentences aren’t passive voice exactly, but they’re not really juicy. They don’t give much depth into the character’s thoughts or motivations.

“She felt affronted” could be changed to: “She shifted her shoulders and looked away, refusing to dignify his statement with attention.” This way, you’re given more of an idea of what her “affronted” looks like. That way, next time he says something insensitive, she can grind her teeth, or haul off and punch him in the mouth since she’s had it up to here with his stupid face. Try describing her the way you would expect a cat to react if you laughed at them falling off something ungracefully. 

“He got ready and headed out the door” is a little more difficult as this sentence could work if you’ve already done enough explaining within the scene already. However by itself, its kind of a boring sentence. “He brushed his bangs back from his forehead and settled the bag on his shoulders. Grasping the door handle, he hesitated. Was he really ready? Someone pulled the door open from the other side. He squinted at the early morning sunlight. Well, ready or not, this was happening.”

This is by no means a hard rule to follow, but getting rid of the word “Was” from a sentence goes a long way towards making the action more action-y. “She was battered and bruised all over.” This could better be described as: “A bruise graced the left side of her face; blue and purple mixing with the fresh blood from her split lip. She walked with a limp, gripping her side. Still, her eyes shone with determination.”

If you have the opportunity to let the characters tell the story rather than you, the author, being too involved, then take it. The characters and their actions/reactions to the setting are why you’re writing anyway, right? If they’re not, go write a non-fiction book.