Mekakucity Actors

two words: Mind. Screw.

Like marathon watching Evangelion, Madoka, and Kill la Kill in one session with episodes mixed together into an almost incomprehensible slush. (at least until the end and then it all begins to make sense at last).

The character designs look like Vocaloids, and for that reason I wasn’t going to give it a try until I saw someone post some gifs.¬†Turns out there’s a reason¬†they look like Vocaloids: it’s based off a series of Vocaloid songs and directed by the guy who directed Madoka.

It’s about a monster who fell in love with a human and had a family but then made a wish to create a world where time stopped so she could be with her family forever. That goes horribly wrong because of reasons. Wouldn’t have much of a story if things went right all the time, after all. But 9 kids in a futuristic city have strange powers based on eyesight that they get after they have a close call with death and it turns out to be an endless loop because of wishes and an evil snake.

So there it is. Now go watch it.

10 of 5 stars.