Mekakucity Actors

two words: Mind. Screw.

Like marathon watching Evangelion, Madoka, and Kill la Kill in one session with episodes mixed together into an almost incomprehensible slush. (at least until the end and then it all begins to make sense at last).

The character designs look like Vocaloids, and for that reason I wasn’t going to give it a try until I saw someone post some gifs. Turns out there’s a reason they look like Vocaloids: it’s based off a series of Vocaloid songs and directed by the guy who directed Madoka.

It’s about a monster who fell in love with a human and had a family but then made a wish to create a world where time stopped so she could be with her family forever. That goes horribly wrong because of reasons. Wouldn’t have much of a story if things went right all the time, after all. But 9 kids in a futuristic city have strange powers based on eyesight that they get after they have a close call with death and it turns out to be an endless loop because of wishes and an evil snake.

So there it is. Now go watch it.

10 of 5 stars.

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World Review

Just finished watching Alexa play Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World.

Ohkay. I’m aware of other people’s problems with the game, and I’ll briefly touch on them now before I go into why this game was actually fantastic.

1. The voice acting. The company wasn’t able to get the original voice actors back to reprise their roles in the returning cast from the first game for some reason that wasn’t stated. This isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to seem. They found people whose voices were similar enough that I didn’t even realize at first. Anime and game dubs are getting big, and some of the actors they used for the original game are pretty popular and might have had other obligations at the time that prevented them from working on Dawn of the New World. Getting mad about this and hating the game because of it is petty.

2. The returning characters. I’ll admit that this is a point that I was slightly “meh” about. I got the impression that the people who originally wrote the script for the first game were not involved in writing the script this time. One of the things I loved about the first game was the chemistry between the characters. Lloyd was about as sharp as a river rock in game-one and this was one of his defining features. However in Dawn of the New World, he was dramatically different. In-game it is stated that two years have passed, so I can admit that not just the journey of game one but the passage of two years can change a person. But I doubt Lloyd found some magical spring that gifted him with intelligence. Though, on third thought, if I squint, it could perhaps have been maturity, since he did say some dumb things on occasion. Overall, I’ll have to agree with the naysayers that the writing of the returning cast could have been better and they seemed more like fanfiction-versions of themselves than anything. I’d like to add that I happen to LIKE fanfiction from time to time, so I was willing to overlook that since everything else going on was interesting. Perhaps the game could have benefited from just having an entirely new cast, rather than bringing in everyone from the first game.

3. Emil was whiny. I whole-heartedly disagree with this point. Luke Fon Fabre was whiny (and don’t get me wrong, I love him too). Emil was shy and inexperienced and a darling little puppy that I adored throughout the game.

Spoilers ahead.

Further on the point of Emil, his character was another perfect example of Namco’s constant breaking of stereotypes when it comes to their main characters. From the initial view of his meek personality to his “Ratatosk Mode” (which Alexa and I named “Ember” and I will continue to refer to as Ember since he is neither Ratatosk nor Emil) the character was dynamic and his personality progressed logically as more information became available about his past. For people to decide the game is terrible based on the switching between Emil and Ember tells me that those people weren’t paying attention and didn’t understand that the two were technically two different people, even separate from Ratatosk himself. My basis for this is that Ratatosk was originally a summon who became disillusioned with mortals and wanted them all dead. When Marta revived the core, Ratatosk caused his own mutation from Ratatosk into something – someone different by first taking a human form, and then sealing away his personality and memories to hide behind the identity of Emil.  Emil, over the course of six months in Luin became his own person, forming relationships (albeit bad) with the other people of town and his “family” which is, in my opinion, what caused him to be so spineless at the beginning of the game. If all you know is abuse, would you really be capable of standing up for yourself? Or would you blame yourself like everyone else does?

Perhaps players were uncomfortable with Emil as a protagonist because he reminded them too much of themselves. Not personally knowing everyone else who has played the game, that is my only hypothesis for the rampant hatred of him.

In any case, Emil’s behavior at the start of the game, to me, is completely understandable; from his lack of ambition to his hiding behind Ember whenever he’s in trouble. I found him to be endearing because of this, since he quickly began to grow out of that automatic apology-defense almost as soon as Richter snapped at him for it, whereas Colette never did, and that was one of my few gripes about her character.

I haven’t seen as much of it, but I got the impression that people don’t like Marta either, whether it’s because of her personality or because she’s in the way of the Yaoi Emil/Richter or some underlying sexist thought processes, I don’t really know. However, I thought Marta was pretty brilliantly written. She was a strong female character but, again, Namco didn’t take the shortcut of making her Amazon Warrior Princess as a way to prove that she was strong. She got scared, she fell in love, she did dumb things, but behind it all was a sense of justice and principles and determination that made her certain that she knew right from wrong. I’m not sure of her actual age in-game, but I’m guessing somewhere around 13 or 14, which explains her dependence on her father. I could never imagine looking at my father and thinking “I can’t stand what you’ve become and I have to do something about it.” I personally don’t know if I’d have the strength to.

Brute was not the crazy power hungry jerk we saw for 90% of the game, as was evidenced by his complete reversal after Solum’s core was recovered. This is proof that he helped raise Marta to be the woman she currently is, with her determination and drive to see that things be put right. Thus, Marta’s insistence that she try to save him rather than outright kill him is understandable. He wasn’t an evil person, he was just being influenced and she knew that. At the same time, she wasn’t overlooking the things he had done, even if he hadn’t done them while in his right mind. She wasn’t blinded by love and who she thought her father was. Even if she fell into that trap when it came to Emil, which I believe was a good thing for him, since it forced him to stand up for himself against her and look at his own weaknesses in order to decide what he did or didn’t like about himself and what he had the power to change.

This game wasn’t simply amazing because of the main characters, however. It was amazing because, once again, Namco delivered a story that walked in the grey areas between good and evil. Richter and Aster invaded Ratatosk’s realm and provoked him. Richter wasn’t inherently evil and had a plan of how to get what he wanted as well as save the world once he was done, which involved sacrificing himself to burn for eternity. Brute was corrupted by Richter. Ratatosk was simply out of touch with the goings on of the world and needed to get out and see the sky and get some fresh air – and make a few friends – in order to fix his bad mood. None of these antagonists (except for maybe Alice) are absolutely evil and unforgivable, they’re presented as people with goals and reasons for what they’re doing and saving them didn’t require some pretzel logic that got them out of everything. Alice got herself dead, Brute went to prison, Richter burned for 1000 years. Most of all, the story presented good, compelling reasons for why the antagonists chose to do what they were doing. Looked at from the other direction, the tactics the main characters used weren’t that spotless either.

I thought it was a good continuation of the world. The focus on Emil and Marta’s journey while the main characters of the first game are left to their own devices for the most part was a good choice. I say this because this lets players decide what happened in the intervening two years between this and last game, as well as not forcing the game-maker’s choice of pairings on the player when it comes to Lloyd/???.

While some choices of what they had people doing were a little odd and frustrating, over all, I believe it made for a good game.

Decatur Anime Lounge









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Just a thing I made.

If you would like an original character drawn please contact me! I’m open for commissions.

Full page fliers are $80

Single characters, full color are $30

Single character sketches are $20

New and Old

ee891011d4f27b2c7aea8ec45c5042121373185343_fullMakai Ouji: Devils and Realist = It’s AWESOME. :D It’s about a boy who is apparently the reborn soul of Solomon who has the power to choose who the interim ruler of Hell will be while Lucifer is asleep. And its full of so much pretty.

Originally I’d skipped over it, until Alexa noticed that the main character looked like Wolfram from Kyo Kara Maoh, so Alexa and I were like “lol. let’s try it.” I could totally see Devils and Realist being in the same universe as Kyo Kara Maoh, too. It’s got that vibe to it, or something. The premise is that William Twining, a young British scholar from a rich family, who is looking to become a politician and attending a boarding school, has accidentally gotten mixed up in the affairs of Hell because he is something called the “Elector”. Apparently Lucifer is asleep, so someone has to run Hell in the meantime and for some reason, William Twining has the capability to pick this interim ruler of Hell. He’s got plenty of demons to choose from (and all of them are hot). The first demon he meets by accident, is in the basement of his house when he spills blood on a magic circle and summons Dantalion, a demon that was once a human. William meets or acquires at least one new friend every episode, collecting demons in his boarding school that are nothing but trouble for him, since he has to keep them secret and out of mischief.

Anyway, so as to not spoil, I will be brief and end here. 4 of 5 stars!


11Eyes = This anime was surprisingly stealthy. I didn’t realize it was based off an H-game until more than halfway through it. Not that it was blatant about it, but it did influence a few things that otherwise wouldn’t have gone quite that direction… But the scene I’m talking about is where he unlocks his magical powers and then has to have that healing scene where, for some reason, he has to be naked and then the sword chick also takes off her clothes? I think the hentai part of the anime ruined the plot. It was stuck in randomly and always very awkward. The premise is that they’re all pieces of some kind of crystal soul thing that was used to trap this witch and they get pulled into an alternate world they call “Red Night” in order to fight these black knight people who are trying to just kill them. And the kids later find out that the black knights are actually the good guys in the situation. I’d already guessed that about two episodes previous to that coming to light, unfortunately. Though it wasn’t because of bad writing, it was because of predictable plots in anime/movies these days.

I give it 3 of 5.



Ixion Saga DT = When an enemy henchman said “fullmetal ballchemist” I knew… this was a train wreck after my own heart. Premise: Teenage boy is transported to a fantasy world while playing a video game. Equipment he brought with him: pants, shirt, socks, headphones, computer chair… no shoes. The ending theme song is a song about being manly and repeated refrain of “ED” (as in Erectile Dysfunction) and that also happens to be the name of the Primary Badguy. ED. Erecpyle Dukakis… Main character boy is Kon, who is spiteful, shallow, stupid, and virgin, breaks poor Erec-sama’s balls in the first five episodes and from there, it’s much punning about him being emasculated and trying to find a way to heal. I kind of feel bad for Erec-sama, but at the same time, its funny. It’s a nice departure from the themes I’ve been seeing lately which are along the lines of “High school student *SomethingJapanese* recently transferred into *School* when his life turned upside down after he met a mysterious woman.” Instead it’s “Derpface Kon is transported to an alternate world and the plot makes fun of dudes a lot.” Anyway, he’s on a quest to get home, and incidentally escorting an 8 year old princess to another major city so she can get married.

3 of 5 stars because the anime does annoy me a little because it’s so painfully painful to watch.



Accel World = This was an unexpected find. Alexa and I were on Viz Anime’s website looking for something else when I accidentally clicked this anime. The  main character is this little fat kid, (voiced by the guy who did Erin Jeager, like seriously, I swear we’re not stalking him but he’s been in every anime we’ve watched lately) is apparently really into VR games. The funny thing is that Alexa looked at the collars the kids were wearing and said “It’s the future of Sword Art Online! And I was like, yes… it is, because they do progress to collars, so I have been told. I’ve not managed to read the rest of the light novels. Anyway. Fat boy is into VR games and gets invited to join this game called Brain Burst that can accelerate a person’s mental capabilities to the point of making a second feel like minutes. Half an hour can be an entire month. It’s a very cool concept and I like how the anime is exploring all the ways this game and the abilities it gives a player in the real world can be exploited. Also the avatars in the battle world are built by the person’s subconscious based on their emotional scars; meaning that if you’re afraid of being hurt physically, you will end up with thick armor.
I give it 4 of 5 stars – because I don’t give 5 of 5 unless I’m rolling around on the floor crying because its so awesome, but this anime got pretty close to that.


Edit: Episode 20 of Accel World confirmed that it IS in fact in the same universe as Sword Art Online. :D

Things I’ve been doing lately

Hiiro-no-Kakera-1Hiiro No Kakera = so generic I felt I could dub it with any dialogue from any other anime about magical ancient princess blood and magical artifacts etc and no one would know the difference. It didn’t help that the ONE person who had any clue what was going on wouldn’t talk to the main character girl other than to say “You’ll be inheriting this shortly.” You’d think some kind of training would be in order if things are so critical that they had to summon her by manipulating her life so she had to go there and transfer out of the school she was attending. In fact, the Japanese voice acting is so lackluster that it’s pretty obvious that the characters themselves don’t want to be there. They talked an awful lot about how it was their “duty” to guard some bimbo they didn’t even know with their lives. etc. etc. They sure didn’t sound happy about it. And then other things. Like “She opened a lock that responds only to her bloodline in the first place!” why is this a surprise? It shouldn’t be.

2 of 5 stars


amnesia-full-858913Amnesia = harem dating sim where girl jumps dimensions every time she dies and can’t remember anything that happened before the first time she dimension hopped. The outfits were awesome, the concept was awesome, but the Heroine was lacking a personality and the guys were all like serious nut job rapists. Except the guy with glasses. He didn’t know how to emotions, so she had to actually put out some effort. As a result, he was the most likeable. I felt sorry for the green haired guy. The ginger I liked, up until he drugged her to keep her asleep and stuck her in a dog cage for days. The pretty boy player was the other one I liked, but his fangirls were a serious crazy bunch. What bothered me further – in my weird “I notice the stupid stuff” type of way – is that they were wearing these costumes everywhere. I mean, who really honestly wears red and black leggings to work when it’s not part of the job? And I’m talking about HIM, not her. The outfit pictured is her every day clothes. Everyone else – yeah, that’s how they dressed every day.

3 of 5 stars


600px-Ginga_Kikoutai_Majestic_Prince_-_TrailerMajestic Prince = Another show that’s so generic you can replace the dialogue and never notice. It was yet another teenage mecha pilots anime. The concept was interesting – they were genetically modified to survive in space – but actual execution could have been much better. And they’re wearing f’in space onesies… I mean, if they’re gonna be total derps at least give me something pretty to look at. It also made me kind of mad that BOTH girls were incredibly stupid, and the boy who actually has a real dream and some kind of drive is ridiculed for it. Even though he’s the group’s leader. I alternately felt sorry for them and enraged by them. And that was just in the first 2 episodes. I couldn’t handle it any longer and looked for something else.

3 of 5 stars


attack-on-titan-RECAPSAttack on Titan = Have I mentioned lately how fraked up this one is?  Giant humanoid creatures attack towns and eat people for no other reason than because they want to. And its amazing. My only complaint is that in the first 13 episodes, the recaps of the previous episode get longer and longer until one episode is nothing BUT recap! It resets on the next episode at least, since there’s nothing else to recap after that. Unless they want to recap a recap episode. On the plus side, this is the ONLY anime that has ever given me nightmares. Also, the 3D movement gear is pretty awesome. If there’s not an Attack on Titan game already, there needs to be one and it needs to be released in the US because I have money and I want to spend it on such a thing.

4 of 5 stars


fbcec0dd615ee7797fb6992422c903441365440334_fullLegend of Arata = From the maker of Fushigi Yuugi comes Legend of Arata – the gender switched Miaka of the new generation! Sarcasm aside, I actually kind of liked this one but at the same time, I am frustrated by the main character’s spinelessness. I understand that’s kind of the point of the show. He’s supposed to learn how to stand up for himself. Also, they’ve got all these pretty people in the opening and eye catches, but most of them are only there for a few episodes, then they sacrifice themselves for the main character and they’re gone for good. What a waste. Also, it ends on a cliff hanger with no second season in sight. Though its new this year, so maybe it’ll pick back up in the fall.

3 of 5 stars



07 Ghost


Actual conversation between me and Alexa:

Me: OH NO! He won’t graduate! He didn’t get his papers turned in on time!

Alexa: he’s also in jail… *stare*



Labrador: Something important is happening. But I can’t tell at this time.

Alexa: “Please ask again later,” says Labrador, the magical emotional 8ball.

Me: Of flowers. LoL.


Me: So six episodes in, Teito still hasn’t gotten those irons removed. Like wtf?

Alexa: Call the locksmith!

Me: Call the locksmith!!


Ok, so beyond the funny commentary, this anime is pretty darn awesome! Its got me crying on episode 9 and 10 and aahhhhh!!!

The general plot seems to be this ex-slave boy, Teito, has somehow managed to join a military academy, despite being an ex slave from a conquered kingdom. He is forcibly befriended by one guy, Mikage, and its bromance guylove ftw! But then at his graduation, he meets a man that makes him flip out and remember something that was lost to amnesia or something. So he attacks the dude, then gets in serious trouble for it because dude was some important badass Oedipus. (*happily skips around using major cursewords for that one! LoL!*)

But then Teito’s best friend Mikage comes to save him and they try to run away together and Teito won’t let him and Teito ends up leaving him behind and … horrible things.

I LOVE an anime that has a promise like “If we die, we die together as friends forever!” in the first episode. You just know it will end horribly. And it did. *crumples to the floor sobbing*

So then the guy that Teito attacked turns out to be some kind of demon in human form, and beyond that, I do not know. Most of the questions I have are unanswered still.

Most of our amusement came from random commentary about silly things like Teito wearing irons for like 7 episodes before they got removed. Now he’s wearing a slave collar of some kind and it’s got a mouth… And its owned by the pervert priest… The yaoi fanfiction is writing itself. Teito/Mikage is practically canon though, and I’ve never really been into the yaoi stuff, but I support this pairing so hard. <3

However, my greatest source of frustration is that it is, YET AGAIN, an unfinished anime!

Awarded 4 of 5 stars


Also. Teito’s outfits… I want them.

klein teito


I think I have a thing for priests? Maybe… *blush*

Blast of Tempest

PR Blast of Tempest Streaming final

If you want an anime full of awesome fight scenes, interesting characters, and logical leaps that make the defense team in OJ’s trial look brilliant, then Blast of Tempest is for you!

I’m pretty sure I just dated myself on that last joke, but its the best analogy I can come up with for some of the things these people say. The characters are split into two groups: those that think too much and those that don’t think enough. They sometimes switch teams on this, and the conclusions they come to when in the Over Thinking mode are so bizarre it’s hilarious.

The general plot of the story is that a sorceress got stranded on an island and her only way to communicate with the outside world is through a wooden voodoo doll that is in the possession of two boys who are both so screwed up that they defeat the season 1 end boss with logic so warped that the word ‘Boyfriend’ is a deciding factor on which direction they choose to take. In D&D terms, talking is a free action they abuse the heck out of. The thing they’re fighting is giant trees hell bent on destroying the world, and at one point there’s a theory that these trees are alien weapons, despite having no evidence either way, and how Evangeline came to that conclusion, IDK.

This whole show is full of crazy characters. Take Evangeline for example. She’s a busty woman who randomly attacks a teenage boy at a grave for no apparent reason, and always introduces herself with her name, age, marital status, and employment status; which happens to be 29, single, and unemployed. Why she feels the need to tell a high school boy all this information, I don’t know. However, the truth is she’s a deadly fighter and currently ‘volunteering’ for a division of the government that believes in magic. One of the two main characters, Mahiro is so bent on avenging his little sister’s death that he actually chooses to believe in magic, even though it is a logical impossibility in his world. Samon Kusaribe, head of the Kusaribe family after he deposes their sorcerer princess, has an amazing double personality – he prefers to be cool, calm, and logical until his plans are disrupted, then he falls to the ground, rolling around gripping his hair. Mahiro and Yoshino have the amazing ability to make him do this quite often (see above statement about boyfriends). This freakout thing is apparently a family trait because Hakaze, the sorceress trapped on the island does it too.

On the flip side, there is Hanemura, who is incredibly dense (to the point of how did he survive in this world even before it exploded), but solves the second biggest mystery in the show easily and looks at everyone else like “Guys, it was obvious…” And again, this has to do with who was dating who at the time of the murder two years ago. Because the fate of the world actually does rest on this information.


Oh. And Mahiro is holding a Znickers in that screenshot. LOL

Not that this is a romantic comedy, as no one is actually dating anyone at the time of the anime, but it’s important who was dating Mahiro’s little sister. Its technically a comedy, in the Shakespearean tradition. The themes of Hamlet and Tempest run strong throughout the anime, which I found pretty darn awesome. However, at the end of season 2, things take a turn more towards the romance and it becomes a big thing about who is in LOVE with whom and how that could destroy the world.

In a way, this is one of those train wreck animes, not because it’s bad, but because the entire end battle in season 1, not a punch was thrown between Mahiro, Yoshino and Samon. And yet, Mahiro and Yoshino still kinda technically won?

I give it a 3 of 5, mostly because some technical things. It wasn’t a sleeper hit, but I enjoyed it none the less.


Because this is a totally logical reason not to fight this woman.


I unofficially did a Nanowrimo in June, called it my April one on the CampNanowrimo site. And now I’m officially doing a July Nanowrimo. I’m already 5k into it. Totally got inspired by an anime called Arata the Legend, which is kind of a reverse Fushigi Yuugi, written by the same person who did Fushigi Yuugi. Lol. All the men are even more ridiculously pretty. But the main character annoys me a little, although he’s showing some development.

However, it got me thinking something along the lines of “if I were to transport to an alternate world, I’d probably end up there buck naked. Because that’s how my luck is.” So that was the first scene I wrote. Now I’m pantsing my way through the Call to Adventure and discovering the magic system of the gods is based on music – which was an idea I’d had a while ago. I’ve got my Main Character Rhyan/Ryan Arinaster, and Adris Heartfeather. My Ryans are kind of like the Mazes from Maze Megaburst Space. Except no random switching between male and female forms. They’ve entirely switched locations though they look exactly the same (except for obvious sexual characteristics, such as y’know boobs).

That’s about all I’ve figured out about this story thusfar and I really should try to outline some more plot for it.

I really need to finish Faultline tho. It has promise as an interesting story as well. I even got nearly finished making a cover. Though I got frustrated with my inability to draw mechanical objects. Lol.

My July Nanowrimo needs a better name. Maybe something will pop up while I’m writing it.

Princess Tutu


I can’t believe I haven’t posted a review of Princess Tutu yet. I should alleviate that problem now!

I found this anime by sheer accident. A friend posted THIS AMV on their Livejournal. (and if that doesn’t convince you this anime is amazing…) After a bit of research, I found the entire series posted on the internet. I decided to give it 1 episode to convince me to watch it.

I was up until 7AM the next day. (and later, when I found the box set at a convention, snatched it up immediately.)

At the time that I found this anime, I was dating a very macho manly man type of boy. I made him promise to watch 2 episodes with me. I promised in return he would NOT have to turn in his man card for watching this anime. By the end of 2 episodes, he was begging to watch more. LoL. Bottom line is that Princess Tutu is NOT what it seems on the surface.

The writing of this anime is brilliant. Each episode ends on enough of a cliff hanger to make you want to watch the next episode. Additionally, the anime refuses to be defined by simple labels such as “pokemon” or “high school drama” or “magical girl” as each episode contains these elements, but none overpower the STORY itself. Yes, for the first few episodes, Duck (Ahiru) is focused on collecting pieces of the Prince’s heart. But, that strategy is only used for a few episodes before things start to change. Episode one starts with kids in a high school ballet school – then their teacher is a giant talking cat! Sometimes, Ahiru changes into Princess Tutu more than once an episode and often her well intentioned attempts to restore Mute are met with unintended consequences, turning the Magical Girl scenario on its head. The love interest of this series starts with Princess Tutu and the Prince in a situation where he has no heart and she can’t tell him how she feels because she’ll disappear, which leads the characters to object and riot against the plot already written for them.

That – right there! Each episode starts with a small cold opening; “Once upon a time there was a prince who fought against an evil raven…” And the story is laid out for you by the one who is actually pulling the strings: D. Drosselmeyer. The writer. The man who died.

This anime is the epitome of writing by the seat of your pants and characters refusing to do what the author tells them to and transcending their roles as The Prince, The Magical Girl, The Damsel in Distress. All of these titles fit every character. The Prince also must be saved. The Damsel in Distress is also the Evil Witch. The Magical Girl is also the Damsel in Distress and the Prince as well.

Not all ends happily ever after either, which is sad but also brilliant. It was the only way the story could have ended satisfactorily. Anything else would have been a total tragedy or a cop out.

Princess Tutu gets a 10 of 5 stars from me!


Seriously. Watch this AMV:

Valvrave the Liberator



This show is amazing!

My first impression was that it was a filler anime because the opening looked kinda typical mecha show, and then things started happening – and I realized it was a Sunrise production. <3

Episode one was like – LoL, whut? So random student with pacifistic tendencies can become an ace mecha pilot in 2 seconds? Ok. lol.

Then I gave episode two a try and things got seriously twisted. Like – politician totally mowed down a student with a machine gun and other students have been outright blown up and bodies shown and there are space Nazis and vampires(?), and the mechs are cursed. The pilots are immortal? I’m not sure what’s going on really, but its awesome so far.

In order to not spoil anyone who hasn’t watched this yet, I’ll keep it brief, but I give this one a 5 of 5, for now. Unless it goes dumb. I hope it doesn’t.

But. There’s like … biting. Between hot boys.

valvrave-ep1-10This totally happened in episode 2. <3

L-elf is hawt tho. omg.

Valvrave-the-Liberator-01-20Like really. L-elf stabbed him, in the heart. Then shot him 3 or 4 times. To be sure. And dude got up and BIT him. Vampire Zombie Mecha Pilot Boy ATTACK!

Like, really. “My body is damaged. I’ll just borrow this one for now. LoL.” Although, I’ve determined that the original owner of the body is still IN there… Which makes it kinda creepy. My thought was “Don’t get too frisky in sex, sweeties. It maaay not end well.”

Oops. I meant to stop typing before I spoiled. Ok. Ending post now. :D