New and Old

ee891011d4f27b2c7aea8ec45c5042121373185343_fullMakai Ouji: Devils and Realist = It’s AWESOME. :D It’s about a boy who is apparently the reborn soul of Solomon who has the power to choose who the interim ruler of Hell will be while Lucifer is asleep. And its full of so much pretty.

Originally I’d skipped over it, until Alexa noticed that the main character looked like Wolfram from Kyo Kara Maoh, so Alexa and I were like “lol. let’s try it.” I could totally see Devils and Realist being in the same universe as Kyo Kara Maoh, too. It’s got that vibe to it, or something. The premise is that William Twining, a young British scholar from a rich family, who is looking to become a politician and attending a boarding school, has accidentally gotten mixed up in the affairs of Hell because he is something called the “Elector”. Apparently Lucifer is asleep, so someone has to run Hell in the meantime and for some reason, William Twining has the capability to pick this interim ruler of Hell. He’s got plenty of demons to choose from (and all of them are hot). The first demon he meets by accident, is in the basement of his house when he spills blood on a magic circle and summons Dantalion, a demon that was once a human. William meets or acquires at least one new friend every episode, collecting demons in his boarding school that are nothing but trouble for him, since he has to keep them secret and out of mischief.

Anyway, so as to not spoil, I will be brief and end here. 4 of 5 stars!


11Eyes = This anime was surprisingly stealthy. I didn’t realize it was based off an H-game until more than halfway through it. Not that it was blatant about it, but it did influence a few things that otherwise wouldn’t have gone quite that direction… But the scene I’m talking about is where he unlocks his magical powers and then has to have that healing scene where, for some reason, he has to be naked and then the sword chick also takes off her clothes? I think the hentai part of the anime ruined the plot. It was stuck in randomly and always very awkward. The premise is that they’re all pieces of some kind of crystal soul thing that was used to trap this witch and they get pulled into an alternate world they call “Red Night” in order to fight these black knight people who are trying to just kill them. And the kids later find out that the black knights are actually the good guys in the situation. I’d already guessed that about two episodes previous to that coming to light, unfortunately. Though it wasn’t because of bad writing, it was because of predictable plots in anime/movies these days.

I give it 3 of 5.



Ixion Saga DT = When an enemy henchman said “fullmetal ballchemist” I knew… this was a train wreck after my own heart. Premise: Teenage boy is transported to a fantasy world while playing a video game. Equipment he brought with him: pants, shirt, socks, headphones, computer chair… no shoes. The ending theme song is a song about being manly and repeated refrain of “ED” (as in Erectile Dysfunction) and that also happens to be the name of the Primary Badguy. ED. Erecpyle Dukakis… Main character boy is Kon, who is spiteful, shallow, stupid, and virgin, breaks poor Erec-sama’s balls in the first five episodes and from there, it’s much punning about him being emasculated and trying to find a way to heal. I kind of feel bad for Erec-sama, but at the same time, its funny. It’s a nice departure from the themes I’ve been seeing lately which are along the lines of “High school student *SomethingJapanese* recently transferred into *School* when his life turned upside down after he met a mysterious woman.” Instead it’s “Derpface Kon is transported to an alternate world and the plot makes fun of dudes a lot.” Anyway, he’s on a quest to get home, and incidentally escorting an 8 year old princess to another major city so she can get married.

3 of 5 stars because the anime does annoy me a little because it’s so painfully painful to watch.



Accel World = This was an unexpected find. Alexa and I were on Viz Anime’s website looking for something else when I accidentally clicked this anime. The  main character is this little fat kid, (voiced by the guy who did Erin Jeager, like seriously, I swear we’re not stalking him but he’s been in every anime we’ve watched lately) is apparently really into VR games. The funny thing is that Alexa looked at the collars the kids were wearing and said “It’s the future of Sword Art Online! And I was like, yes… it is, because they do progress to collars, so I have been told. I’ve not managed to read the rest of the light novels. Anyway. Fat boy is into VR games and gets invited to join this game called Brain Burst that can accelerate a person’s mental capabilities to the point of making a second feel like minutes. Half an hour can be an entire month. It’s a very cool concept and I like how the anime is exploring all the ways this game and the abilities it gives a player in the real world can be exploited. Also the avatars in the battle world are built by the person’s subconscious based on their emotional scars; meaning that if you’re afraid of being hurt physically, you will end up with thick armor.
I give it 4 of 5 stars – because I don’t give 5 of 5 unless I’m rolling around on the floor crying because its so awesome, but this anime got pretty close to that.


Edit: Episode 20 of Accel World confirmed that it IS in fact in the same universe as Sword Art Online. :D