Incomplete Memories

When I was little I really liked the Carebears. I don’t remember much of this; mostly scattered bits and pieces. I remember Lionheart. and the yellow one? Shrieky was my favorite, but I don’t remember why other than her terrible noise.

However, despite it having been nearly 30 years since I’ve seen the Carebears, there is one episode that I recall most of the details of. Mostly because it bothered me even as a 4yr old. 

The episode was about a boy, Peter(?), who was at summer camp. The details I remember are:

  • He had red hair.
  • He was acting like a brat and no one liked him.
  • There was something about red light flashing out the windows of his cabin at night.
  • He could fly, I think.

I don’t remember who called in the Carebears on this kid, but I remember that I was most disturbed by the fact that they Carebear Stared the devil out of him.

They, literally, blasted Satan out of him with the power of rainbows.


I had a dream the other night that startled me awake. I nearly jumped out of bed. The cat was offended. I lay there confused for several minutes. Was it a dream or was it reality?

No… it was a dream.

It is statistically unlikely that Professor Farnsworth would come into my bedroom to say “GOOD NEWS everybody!” just before my ceiling fan exploded.

Come read and riot at READER RIOT!

April 28-29 is a reading festival out in Florence Alabama called Reader Riot! Its going to have a bunch of people there like Amber D. Tran with her book Moon River, and Kristina Chess with her multiple books and me, with book 3 of the Natan Fleet Show! and a whole BUNCH MORE PEOPLE with cool books. So come check it out! They have other activities and food too.