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Because I’m sure everyone here wants to know that I made out like a bandit for xmas. :3


However, the new surround sound is giving me trouble. The instructions just say “Attach PS3 via optics cable, attach PS3 to TV with HDMI cable, attach BDV device to TV with HDMI cable.” okay. tried all that. Nothin.

I had to just put it down last night after spending an hr on it and getting nowhere. I’ll have to try again today.

Any suggestions would be great?

sexism in the city

I want to see a movie about Petra Parker.

I want to see a movie about Iron Maiden/Tonie Stark.

I want to see Claire Kent and Brittany Wayne.

Not because I’m being feminazi. But because this is really starting to get ridiculous!

I’ve been watching my friend play Last of Us and I noticed that thusfar, there’s only been 2 female parts with speaking roles. The only one still alive is 14. What IS it with the media industry and this stupid notion that it is impossible for a woman to be an equal partner in a relationship; be it marriage or fighting zombies? Why, despite repeated evidence to the contrary do the executives of Cartoon Network think that girls don’t buy toys?

Maybe you’re not making the toys we want?

I WANT BATMAN PANTIES! I don’t care that I’m an adult, I’d totally wear them.

You want to say we don’t buy toys, but you’re not marketing them to us, you aren’t giving us the chance. You’re not marketing to the parents – they’re the ones with the money anyway. Why ignore half your market? If a child is a fan of your TV show or game, then why say “no no no – this is a BOYS ONLY club. You can’t join!”

Seriously? We don’t have cooties.

I’m sure others have said it in far more length and eloquence than I am managing to so I’ll keep it short.

It’s almost 2014. WHY is this still an issue? Put a woman in a position of equal authority in a game, market the game as the awesome game it is, rather than exploiting the woman with bare boobies and butt hanging out her shorts, and it’ll probably be the best selling game ever. This is the same issue we have in publishing; you don’t put money and effort behind the marketing, of COURSE its going to sell poorly.

Or, y’know. You can go back to playing with your “action figures” in your mother’s basement and pretend that girls are “gross”… at least until you want to touch us with your Cheetos-encrusted fingers and then complain that we’re being mean. Go ahead, don your fedora and froth rabidly at me for this. I will laugh.

Decatur Anime Lounge









decatur anime lounge flyer color


























Just a thing I made.

If you would like an original character drawn please contact me! I’m open for commissions.

Full page fliers are $80

Single characters, full color are $30

Single character sketches are $20


I unofficially did a Nanowrimo in June, called it my April one on the CampNanowrimo site. And now I’m officially doing a July Nanowrimo. I’m already 5k into it. Totally got inspired by an anime called Arata the Legend, which is kind of a reverse Fushigi Yuugi, written by the same person who did Fushigi Yuugi. Lol. All the men are even more ridiculously pretty. But the main character annoys me a little, although he’s showing some development.

However, it got me thinking something along the lines of “if I were to transport to an alternate world, I’d probably end up there buck naked. Because that’s how my luck is.” So that was the first scene I wrote. Now I’m pantsing my way through the Call to Adventure and discovering the magic system of the gods is based on music – which was an idea I’d had a while ago. I’ve got my Main Character Rhyan/Ryan Arinaster, and Adris Heartfeather. My Ryans are kind of like the Mazes from Maze Megaburst Space. Except no random switching between male and female forms. They’ve entirely switched locations though they look exactly the same (except for obvious sexual characteristics, such as y’know boobs).

That’s about all I’ve figured out about this story thusfar and I really should try to outline some more plot for it.

I really need to finish Faultline tho. It has promise as an interesting story as well. I even got nearly finished making a cover. Though I got frustrated with my inability to draw mechanical objects. Lol.

My July Nanowrimo needs a better name. Maybe something will pop up while I’m writing it.

Valvrave the Liberator



This show is amazing!

My first impression was that it was a filler anime because the opening looked kinda typical mecha show, and then things started happening – and I realized it was a Sunrise production. <3

Episode one was like – LoL, whut? So random student with pacifistic tendencies can become an ace mecha pilot in 2 seconds? Ok. lol.

Then I gave episode two a try and things got seriously twisted. Like – politician totally mowed down a student with a machine gun and other students have been outright blown up and bodies shown and there are space Nazis and vampires(?), and the mechs are cursed. The pilots are immortal? I’m not sure what’s going on really, but its awesome so far.

In order to not spoil anyone who hasn’t watched this yet, I’ll keep it brief, but I give this one a 5 of 5, for now. Unless it goes dumb. I hope it doesn’t.

But. There’s like … biting. Between hot boys.

valvrave-ep1-10This totally happened in episode 2. <3

L-elf is hawt tho. omg.

Valvrave-the-Liberator-01-20Like really. L-elf stabbed him, in the heart. Then shot him 3 or 4 times. To be sure. And dude got up and BIT him. Vampire Zombie Mecha Pilot Boy ATTACK!

Like, really. “My body is damaged. I’ll just borrow this one for now. LoL.” Although, I’ve determined that the original owner of the body is still IN there… Which makes it kinda creepy. My thought was “Don’t get too frisky in sex, sweeties. It maaay not end well.”

Oops. I meant to stop typing before I spoiled. Ok. Ending post now. :D

housing part 2

As the days progress, drawing closer and closer to my closing date, the reality of the situation starts to set in. I’m filled with both excitement and dread, though the excitement has begun to win out.

The song that best fits the situation “No one sayin ‘Do this!’ No one saying ‘Be there!’…”

Oh, I know its not going to be as amazing as all that – there are bills to pay and gotta clean the house and mommy won’t be there to cook dinner for me. But I’m ready to have ALL the responsibility.


I keep thinking about all the things that need doing, and then the “But first’s” get in the way. I want to pack, but first I must close on the house, because I have nowhere to put my stuff once it’s in boxes. I don’t want to live in a room stacked with boxes for weeks. And even after closing, I have to repaint and fix floors. So that’s the next step after closing. Should I even put anything in boxes yet? Should I waste my boxes on books, or should I put other things in those boxes? I’m going to just transport my clothes and my sewing fabric in the containers they’re already in. And I don’t want to live for weeks in a room half packed either.

But, I’m close enough to closing that this weekend that I went ahead and got the fix for the kicked in door and the new locks. Discovered that I could possibly fix the door with a lot less work and money than originally thought. I’m not going to replace the whole door. I’m just replacing the broken part.

I also went shopping for a rug today at the flea market. Things didn’t go quite the way I thought they should. The only employee working the rug area was lecturing another woman when I arrived. Her poor husband was loitering off to the side, bored as heck. Then she finally got tired of listening to the guy tell her the same thing over and over and left, leaving the employee to me. I had taken that time to look over the selection of rugs.

Let me say this: I don’t like rugs. I just don’t. Most of the time, the pattern on the rug, or the colors, something about rugs annoys the heck out of me and I can’t stand them.

I found ONE rug I wouldn’t mind looking at. So I asked the guy the price on the one I liked. He told me $399. I went “Hmm.” In a thoughtful/disappointed tone. Thinking about it. Then he asked me what the color of my couches were. I told him Khaki/beige. He proceeded to tell me firmly and repeatedly that I couldn’t have that rug because the predominant color was creamy white. And I’m like… what? What? REALLY? You’re going to tell a customer they can’t have a product because something someone in a home fashion magazine said? He refused to let me speak and say that my couches are a temporary issue. I didn’t buy them and I plan on changing them later. But he kept talking over me and saying I have to pick a different color rug.

No. Dude lost a sale.

I don’t like being treated like that.

On the plus side, I bought an antique.

A 1934 Kenmore sewing machine. It’s beautiful. I flipped when I saw it at the flea market. I’m totally going to use it too.

Glacial Speed

This post is a random My Life update.

I’m coming up on  my 29th birthday, which I actually find more than a little frightening, given that I still live with my parents. I thought I’d be married with kids and on my own by now… Life’s response was to laugh maniacally and stone me with lemons. Supposedly being struck with fruit doesn’t leave bruises on the outside but can cause internal bleeding. A very apt description of what happened to my life plans and goals. Although, I didn’t have unrealistic goals (being married and having kids), but it’s weird that the more far-fetched things came true: I’m published and buying a house by myself.

For the longest time, I thought I needed someone else (a man) in order to get my life started. I don’t know why I thought this. Or thought that I had to make myself perfect in order to have a relationship with someone. I’d always been insanely jealous of all those women who had obvious flaws (ie: crabby, obsessive compulsive, clingy, high maintenance, controlling, nagging, etc) that had stable relationships and I wondered why they had boyfriend/husbands and I didn’t… I try not to cling, or cry, or control, or nag, not just because its rude, but because I personally find it annoying when I do it. I think it’s also society’s programming: You’re nothing if you’re not spreading your legs for some man.

I don’t know, but I’m giving up on that. I’ll just be a self-rescuing princess and move to another castle on my own. And screw dating too. It’s obnoxious anyway. (I’ve got a theory that maybe I should date like I house hunted – find all the things wrong with it before making a decision of whether I can live with the issues or not. Besides, isn’t the definition of Insanity “trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?)

Back on the topic of reality rather than theoretical… After spending a year at my current position and feeling fairly stable there, I’ve decided to attempt independent living once again.

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