End of the world and I’m disappointed

I was actually hoping for fire and rocks falling from the sky.

Instead, I only saw one meteorite and my shoes just smell like campfire smoke.

My greatest disappointment is that life is still boring as it was on the 20th. I still have to pay my credit card bill, and I still have to go to work tomorrow.

Reality sucks.


Meanwhile, I’ve been working at Phoenix Emperor.

At least my imagination is still around to amuse me.

I broke my streak!


I won Nanowrimo on an Even year!

And I even have a hint of a plot! I might be able to salvage this as NFS book 7 or something! :3

…it needs a title.





Enki Smith was raised by humans, but the age old question of Nature vs. Nurture was always present. Could a varas ever be anything but a varas? To prove them wrong, Enki became a doctor, and decided to move to Frontier Station in order to open a clinic servicing not just humans, but anyone who wanted medical attention. One fated trip to a furniture store gave her the first real glimpse of the man of her dreams Рliterally. Having been plagued by dreams of a varas man she had never met, Enki knew the moment she saw Scheerahis that he was destined to be hers.

But knowledge of the future is always a double edged sword. While she knew of nearly every joy she would have with him, she also knew of his death. In order to save him, she must embrace her varas heritage to its fullest and push herself to the limits.

Nanowriomo news

Work has been trying desperately to prevent me from breaking my streak of wins and losses in Nanowrimo. But I am fighting back by stealing every moment I can for writing.

I am currently at 46,339 words. I think I can get a little farther tonight before my headache sends me to sleepland.

Although this book is Natan Fleet Show stuff, I really don’t know if I should make it available for purchase… It’s really lacking much in the way of a plot. Though it has a ghost of one. I suppose I could fluff that up a little more to replace all the scenes I labeled “Here there be monsters” and made invisible by setting the font color to white. *whistles innocently*

My streak of wins and losses has, up until this point been that every even year, I lose, and every odd year, I win Nanowrimo.

I’m so close to winning this year that I really think I can do it. And, I’ve even got the 30th off. (except for my sister’s concert). I will have time to get those last few words in and finish the book. Thinking on it further, I’m kind of liking the idea of making this book available. Otherwise, it’d be a lot of hard work for nothing.

Anyway. I should get back to writing at it before getting some sleep.

Back from Dragon*Con

Just got back from Dragon*Con 2012. I posted a fairly long thing on Tumblr about everything I did there.

Everything I did

Some pictures

I’m feeling so artistic right now that I’m like “I want to write. No wait- Draw! noooo costumes! must make costumes before I procrastinate and don’t have any done for next year!”

Instead. I’m writing this.