Nanowrimo 2011

I hit 63,000 words in my Nanowrimo. Still not anywhere close to finishing the plot, but it’s getting good. I’m happy I chose to write a fantasy this time!

I’ve been focusing on the romance plot of a side character for the last day. I need to get back to writing Luck and Elaine.

And also need to get more of the plot working! I’ve got some rather amusing extras hanging around. I need to kill more of them.
Funny excerpt:

Servants pulled chairs out for the guests, and Beltoren took a seat, followed by his journeymen.
The sound of cloth sweeping against itself caught his attention and Beltoren looked towards the door to the front hall. Immediately, he was on his feet, bowing slightly as a young elvin woman swept into the room.
Giving him an appraising look, the woman moved to her seat and dropped into it in a very unladylike slump in the seat across from him. “Oh, sit down, Bel. You’re giving mother ideas again.”
“Is that you Kriston? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress!”
The redheaded woman rolled her eyes. “Mother is trying to set me up with someone,” she said flatly. “I’d rather die.”
“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, dear,” Yuphima said, waving her hand across the table at her oldest daughter, then glanced towards Beltoren to judge his expression.
Beltoren was about to sit again when the sound of feet clattering down the stairs was heard. Another redheaded woman, dressed in well worn loose shirt and pants jogged into the room. Again, Beltoren bowed.
“B – Crestilia Beltoren,” she said, catching herself before she was impolite and bowed. “I wasn’t aware you were here.” Her cheeks were nearly as red as her hair. She glanced over her shoulder briefly, as if debating going back upstairs to die or change into something fancier.
“Never mind that, Sherry,” Lady Yuphima said, “Come sit so we can eat.”

Essence of Luck excerpts

“Lets go then.” Beltoren grinned and started walking, making his way north along the road back into the forest. “Time’s wasting. The more we dawdle the more people die.”

Sherry picked up her pack from the grass several steps back and jogged after him. “I can’t believe you! So carefree!”

“Hardly,” Beltoren said when she caught up with him again and he could speak without raising his voice. “Just determined. I love this world. I love the people in it. And I want to do what I can to save as many as I can.”

She smiled. “You make me wish I’d had some talent with an instrument. Like my brother.”

“If you did, then you wouldn’t have taken up the sword,” Beltoren pointed out. “And two bards on the road aren’t as useful as a mage and a swords-woman.” He grinned again.

“That’s true, I guess… But you…” she looked down.

“I know.” He took a breath and let it out slowly. “I appreciate your company Sherry. I do. But…”

“I know. Let me at least be with you. It’s enough for me.”

Reaching out, Beltoren took her hand, surprised by how small it was relative to his. He squeezed her callused fingers and she laced them with his. Together they walked in silence, heading back into the dark forest beyond the Veild plans, knowing that they would be fighting shambling creatures soon enough.

Nanowrimo and other things

I’m on the waitlist for KamiCon’s artist alley. I need to arrange to get a table at Hama3. As well as look into getting one at AWA.

I have such terrible luck with signing up on time for artist alley stuff lately. They’re always full by the time I have the chance to sign up. ): Makes me think maybe I should just go for a dealer’s booth. But I don’t have enough stuff to call myself a dealer… er… I dunno.

Anyway. Working on my nanowrimo. Wow is it smutty… (although I’ve only had 2 sex scenes for 34k words) I’m making myself write out the scenes I would normally have faded to black on. I’m not sure whether I would continue to write Romances after this. It’s mildly uncomfortable actually. I didn’t think it would be, but it is. At least, full on sex scenes. I may, when I edit this, cut out the descriptions of the unf-unfs and just FTB while I fix up the plot. It has a solid plot so far, after all. It’ll still be an adult book, but a less smutty version. I have some pretty amusing conversations between the various Essences and other characters.


Excerpt may be too graphic for most…
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