Moar Dragon*Con

Back from Dragon*con!

Some things were great.  Some things weren’t so great.


Great things:

OMG OMG OMG OMG! MERCEDES LACKEY WAS THERE!!!!!!!!! She signed my book! OMG!


…….. (10 mins later)


Not so great things:

A little disappointed about the whole experience.

WTH was with the Pre-reg line? WHY were people who bought badges THAT DAY in and out of line in 20 mins? or less. Whereas the pre-reg line was up to 5hrs long.

The crowd. Had. No. Energy.

I’ve been to a couple AWA’s and the crowd at AWA has an energy all of its own. It’s easy to be excited and stay excited despite the fact that your feet hurt, you only got 3hrs of sleep, you’ve been in line for hours, and your costume itches like frak – but you’re still excited to be there. I got bored at D*con.

And with the boredom came the realization of how tired I was. And how much my feet and back hurt. I didn’t have nearly as much fun as I was expecting to. I mean… By Sunday I was ready to leave. ;.; I actually fell asleep in 2 panels on Sunday. Even though they were interesting, I just… Passed Out.

There were only like… a third of the people there in costumes. Sure the ones who showed up were good, but it was… disappointing that there were so few people in costume. I was _excited_ when I saw someone in an armature costume, or someone who couldn’t quite pull it off but was trying – because they TRIED.

I saw a few obscure things – like Cheerleader Suzaku (Code Geass) and a Guild Wars girl.

And then there were lots of super heroes and steam punk stuff. Some of the steam punk things were cool, but they were just kinda… I dunno. They weren’t dressed as Anyone in Specific. and that was kind of disappointing a little.

And the super heroes… I got the feeling that a lot of people would have dressed up if the general vibe of the con hadn’t been “if you don’t do it perfectly, go put on some real clothes.”

I dressed up a bit on Saturday and… It was kinda upsetting that I got the feeling that it wasn’t acceptable. I busted my ass on my fiancé’s costume and sure, mine was a last minute thrown together thing, but… at AWA it would have gotten a lot of attention. Even if I would have been mistaken for a Loli’, but it still would have gotten attention. But here, people were like… taking pictures of my Fiancé and kinda gesturing for me to get out of the picture.

Then there were the people without badges. They were rude, inconsiderate, and generally annoying. They were only there to gawk at the “Freaks.” Which really made the atmosphere of the con that much worse.



Random Dystopia Generator

Random Dystopia Generator


“The Earth has been devastated by a gigantic oil spill, plunging us into a new Victorian age. Corporations have taken over, and we have a shortage of Skittles. Discuss.”

Wow. oil spill led to a Victorian age. Getting a little bit of Current Events in our “random” dystopia generator there?

Well, I guess it makes sense of a sort. Maybe the world ran out of oil, or we decided, as a whole, that running off oil was too dangerous and went back to coal/Steam power. It’d be a pseudo SteamPunk age.

However, I’m totally confused why the shortage of Skittles would be a problem. I mean, they’re good, but they trigger my food allergies and I honestly wouldn’t miss them.

Now, if it were chocolate – which I’m given to understand that there IS actually a shortage of chocolate (how else can I explain the rising price of Dark and the overabundance of waxy “milk” chocolate that’s been rampant for the last fifteen years or more?) – I’d totally look into farming the stuff myself. Somehow. Even though I kill most plants I come into contact with.

Except my office plant. Which I’ve managed to keep alive for several years now. Though, the pot used to have 3 plants. it now has 2. But they’re doing well. o.o;;;
Still, I think cocoa plants require quite a bit more care than a cup of water once a week and occasional pruning of dead leaves. I should research this. For my own curiosity.