Warning: This page may contain spoilers for the series.




AI: Artificial Intelligence. Most AI are basic programs that function in homes as assistants to the occupants. They have no personalities and only perform pre-programmed tasks. On a ship, the AI’s functionality is broadened to include management of the life support system to maintain air quality, gravity, and temperature to prevent unnecessary loss of Hyphokos life. The Natan Fleet AIs have been modified further to have personalities of their own and can perform tasks without prompting.

Anti-Gravity: This technology is based on plating in the flooring of a ship or station through the use of high-powered electromagnets passing energy throughout the ship’s flooring.

Armor: Battle ships are the primary users of armoring, however, stations and other trading ships have some installed as well. This is plating that is used to prevent space debris from damaging the physical structure of the ship.



Baelton: The planet is a Serfocile colony and known for seafood. The station is run by a Gilon Stationmaster, since the planet falls well within Gilon territory. Baelton makes a triangle with Kimidas and Marak with Heartland and Toudon Debris Cloud in the center. Larena is located near Baelton.

Bond: Describes the Hyphokos/Gilon pairing.

Bondstone: A glassy organ between a Gilon’s brows. This organ is also known as a “third eye” and allows a merged Hyphokos to see. The color indicates the eye, and mental, color of the bonded Hyphokos.



Ca’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Communications Officer.

Caravan: Mid-sized trading vessel. Non-combat model.

Cecilus: Believed by the Serfocile to be their creator. This entity is one of four elemental spirits that protect this universe from Entropy. He is the element of Water.

Cordaan: Is a planet. Used as the Rebel capitol by Gelran.



Da’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Captain.

Datapad: A hand-held device that displays text. It can be used for reading as well as other tasks a personal laptop can be used for.

Datanna: Is a planet. It is known as a celibate priest colony, dedicated to the worship of the ancestors and upkeep of their memory in form of Gilon history.





Fae’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Navigator on a ship.

Ferret: The GMPF-MK6 (Gun Mounted Personal Flier-Mark 6) This is a one-person lawn chair with rockets and missiles. This ship is used as point defense against enemy missiles and Ferrets.

Freighter: Non-combat ship for hauling large shipments from one station to another.



Graviball: An athletic game involving two goals, two balls, and up to four players. The games last for fifteen minutes or five points on a goal. Each team picks a color for their ball, and if the team’s ball color enters their goal, the opposing team gets two points. If the opposing team’s ball enters the goal, the opposing team gets one point. Games are performed in 1/8th gravity. Wilsaer will modify this to 0-gravity for their games.



Ha’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Admiral. This title is awarded when an individual becomes the leader of two or more ships.

Heartland: The Gilon and Hyphokos home world. This is the capitol of the Empire. It is located near Larena in the center of a triangle between Baelton, Kimidas, and Marak. Closer to Baelton than the others.

Hauler: This is a heavy ship that carries 300 to 400 crew. It is equipped with heavy armor, long-range guns, and up to 50 Ferrets. The Hauler’s chassis was based off Freighters that carried huge amounts of raw materials from one station to another.

Hub: Wilsaer colony ship/base that can be moved as needed. It is a conglomeration of scrap metal, ships and stations that have been welded together.



I’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Doctor.

Ika: Station that orbits Larena. Is a well-established colony located near Heartland.

Implants: Nano machines that interface with Gilon brains allowing them to control and interact with their technology telepathically. The majority of Implants in use are Grade-Ones, which are sufficient to allow contact with a standard AI to take calls, send messages. Grade-Four implants allow a sufficiently advanced AI to pilot a Gilon body out of danger in case of loss of consciousness.



Jump: A form of faster-than-light (FTL) travel that folds space around a ship in order to cut time distances between star systems.



Ki’: Polite prefix used for non-military Hyphokos. Gender neutral.

Kimidas: The first Gilon station built circling a planet outside of the Heartland solar system. While in Rebel hands, it was known for being a harbor for drugs and other criminal activity. It makes a triangle with Baelton and Marak. Heartland is located sort of on the line between Baelton and Kimidas.



Larena: Colony world. Its station is Ika. Larena is located near Baelton. Larena is between Heartland and Baelton.

Li’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Ship Operations Officer.

Lift: A box that is moved through a ship or station by a pulley and gear system.



Ma’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Second in Command.

Marak: A mining station and ship yard. The system has no colonized planets and consists of mostly asteroid belts. Marak and Kimidas are located on the fringe of Imperial territory. It makes a triangle with Kimidas and Baelton with Heartland closer to Baelton in the center.

Mate: A male and female Gilon are considered ‘Mates’ when the male has chosen to have children with the female, permanently bonding them together via scent recognition.

Merge: The act of a Hyphokos entering a Gilon’s syote sack. From within, the Hyphokos can use the Gilon’s circulatory system to breathe and filter blood of toxins and pilot a Gilon body.

Minibot: A robotic device that acts as the hands and feet of an AI. They are palm-sized and often have six to eight jointed legs that allow them to grasp and balance objects on their flat backs or join with other minibots to create stair structures, allowing them to deliver items to surfaces such as tables.

Monolith: Ship class that is several times larger than a station. Only six and a third of them were built. They required massive amounts of resources to maintain.







Pi’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Pilot, usually in a Ferret, though this applies to other small space and aircraft such as shuttle transports.





Raptor: NF-MK001, a space fighter shuttle based off Vathion’s design and modified further by Wilsaer technology. This fighter is capable of short Jumps and has an AI that allows the pilot to control it through their grade-four implants. These shuttles are capable of atmospheric flight and vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL). They are equipped with Tricannons and tractor-netting capability.



Se’: Prefix to indicate the rank of security officer.

Scent Bond: See the “Scent Bonding” post for more detailed information. 

Scent Deaf: A medical condition brought on by brain damage which results in a Gilon being unable to recognize the personal scents of family and friends. This is used as an insult as well.

Shell: A stimulant drug assumed to be of Carken origin, though the actual name is in Terran. The Carken claim they obtained it from someone else. This substance makes Carken hostile and gives them faster reflexes. Gilon metabolize it as a depressant that makes them docile and happy. In Gilon society, it is the drug of choice for those in high-stress jobs, and highly addictive.

Sheh: A Serfocile gender-neutral pronoun. It is used as a polite term when the speaker does not know the gender of the alien spoken to or about.

Shields: An energy barrier that prevents space-born radiation from infiltrating a space ship or station. This is produced by low frequency sound waves that disrupt higher energy particles.

Skipper: Small trading vessel. Non-combat.

Sport: Small ships that range in crew capacity of 30 to 60. Generally carry 15 Ferrets and are equipped with light armor, fast engines, and a balance of energy and missiles, weighted more towards energy. These ships are used to catch and tie enemies up long enough for more heavily armed allies to arrive. The chassis was originally based off personal yachts and still show signs of their origins.

Syote Sack: A fist-sized, womb-like organ that directly connects to a Gilon’s nervous and blood systems, allowing a Hyphokos to merge and remain within for indefinite periods of time. Removal of this organ is tricky, as doing so can cause nerve damage on the level of having the spinal cord severed. The opening of this organ is in the center of the Gilon torso. Gilon fashion allows for this by normally having slits in the sides of shirts up to just below the ribs.



Toudon: Is a sector of space containing a large ice cloud. It is located in the center of the triangle of Kimidas, Baelton, and Marak. More on the line between Kimidas and Heartland. Trade paths skirt the very edge of it.

Trader: Wilsaer vessel. Small, single-person crafts that are often out on long journeys. They contain quarters and a small cargo area for smaller Junk Wilsaer find. Their standard load out is Tricannons and tractor netting devices. Any other devices are of the pilot’s finding and installation. Wilsaer Trader ships are built by the pilot as a test of their skill.

Tricannon: An energy weapon consisting of three prongs that focus energy to a specific point. This technology was originally developed by the Varas. The Wilsaer have made extensive use of it since discovering early models on Varas ship wreckage.





Van: Carry 100 to 200 crew, 30 Ferrets and are equipped with mid armor and an even balance of phasers and ballistics. They are slower than a Sport, but have the ability to arrive shortly after the Sports and back them up from further away. The chassis was originally based off merchant vessels and still have some of the designs that make them more suitable to hauling cargo than fighting.

Victory: Ha’Natan’s birthplace. It is a station located in the Teviot sector, which is located at the very edge of Gilon space territory and deep behind Rebel lines. Ha’Natan was named Earl of Teviot.

Vidcall: Made from a vidphone, requires number codes to call people.

Vidphone: A smaller wallscreen usually set above a desk with a keyboard. These are used as personal computers when in the home. Though they are based on the same technology as wallscreens.

Vidshow: Television broadcasts. Generally they last forty-five minutes to an hour. The most famous and popular vidshow is the Natan Fleet Show.

Vidrecorder: A camera equipped with an anti-gravity unit. It is about the size of a softball and functions remotely and can be controlled with Grade-One implants.



Wallscreen: Video projecting device that is mounted on a wall seamlessly. Interior rooms on spacecraft usually have at least one wall made of screens. This screen can be used as a television, computer, phone, or any other visual use.

Wo’: Prefix to indicate the rank of Weapons Officer.