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Natan Manwhore Show

I will now answer questions from a reader!

Is perfume a major thing in Gilon society, or almost totally unknown?

Are you going to explain how Likka avoided Widow’s Syndrome? I assume Natan did it by having Hasabi send periodic care packages with her scent, but I don’t think Likka had that chance? Continue reading “Natan Manwhore Show”

Scent Bonding

This is meant to be an academic statement concerning a topic used as a plot device in the Natan Fleet Show series.

Scent Bonding only to the Gilon race. It is a complicated process that is both mental and biological.

A scent bond occurs when a Gilon man gets a Gilon woman pregnant. As fertility is a choice for Gilon men, sex is a pleasurable act that anyone who’s interested can engage in. Gilon society reflects this in that nudity, while not really acceptable in public, is not completely frowned upon, and negative body images are generally unheard of. If someone smells good, they are considered attractive.

At fourteen to fifteen years of age, a child’s scent will change to that of an adult with the onset of puberty. They will be functional, fertile adults biologically, if not emotionally. This will have an effect on their parents, leading them to become less protective of their offspring, and turn to possibly conceiving another child. This is the reason why large age gaps between children are the norm in Gilon society, such as the 7 year difference between Natan and Saimon. Continue reading “Scent Bonding”