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I unofficially did a Nanowrimo in June, called it my April one on the CampNanowrimo site. And now I’m officially doing a July Nanowrimo. I’m already 5k into it. Totally got inspired by an anime called Arata the Legend, which is kind of a reverse Fushigi Yuugi, written by the same person who did Fushigi Yuugi. Lol. All the men are even more ridiculously pretty. But the main character annoys me a little, although he’s showing some development.

However, it got me thinking something along the lines of “if I were to transport to an alternate world, I’d probably end up there buck naked. Because that’s how my luck is.” So that was the first scene I wrote. Now I’m pantsing my way through the Call to Adventure and discovering the magic system of the gods is based on music – which was an idea I’d had a while ago. I’ve got my Main Character Rhyan/Ryan Arinaster, and Adris Heartfeather. My Ryans are kind of like the Mazes from Maze Megaburst Space. Except no random switching between male and female forms. They’ve entirely switched locations though they look exactly the same (except for obvious sexual characteristics, such as y’know boobs).

That’s about all I’ve figured out about this story thusfar and I really should try to outline some more plot for it.

I really need to finish Faultline tho. It has promise as an interesting story as well. I even got nearly finished making a cover. Though I got frustrated with my inability to draw mechanical objects. Lol.

My July Nanowrimo needs a better name. Maybe something will pop up while I’m writing it.

Flu Season

I caught the flu from my dad. It’s only just started for me, and I’m supposed to work Monday-Wednesday this week.

I don’t know if Monday is happening. I already feel like rot, and I barely got over that head-cold thing I caught from Hamacon. :< Although, I may not have a choice about working Monday, given the usual Monday workload. I shall have to see how I feel.


In other news, I’ve been moving old posts from my LiveJournal and old website to this one. So if strange, old, and outdated posts pop up on my tumblr and twitter feed, that would be why. I’ll try to update with some new stuff to counteract the old news flood, but lately my life has consisted of nothing but work.


Nanowrimo is over and I won. I’ve begun editing at my Nanowrimo novel and removed many of the XXX rated stuff this afternoon. So that’s a start. Looking at the bones of this book, it may actually be worth publishing after all. The PROBLEM is that its like book 8 and I don’t have book 3 done yet. D’oh. I need to buckle down and get back to writing book 3. Good news is that I’m slightly more confident in the idea of not having as much in the way of action in book 3, especially if I can balance that with more memorable characters and interesting dialogue. Book 3 is supposed to be more political anyway, and it’s also got Scheerahis in it. He’s so cute! I can’t wait to introduce him to everyone!

I also realized that I need to figure out some way to get Ghost Talent going again, because that book was also very important to understanding some of what’s going on in this as-yet-unnamed Nanowrimo thing. And Faith on Silver Wings.

I also need to write something that isn’t Natan Fleet Show related. Just to have something else going. For the fun of it.


I held a baby for the first time ever Saturday night.

I know. 28 yrs old and female and I somehow managed to avoid babies.

I was at work and coworker brought her 12 week old twins in and I was just sitting there next to her, pondering the pros and cons of touching the babies at all and she just drops her daughter in my lap and is like “hold this” and I’m DEER IN HEADLIGHTS look and all my coworkers start giggling at me and I admitted my terrible secret of having never held a baby before… and coworker shrugged and went back to what she was doing.

I know theoretically how to hold babies. Don’t let their heads flop around and don’t drop them… But that was kinda shocking.


and I think I liked it. *sweatdrop*

I broke my streak!


I won Nanowrimo on an Even year!

And I even have a hint of a plot! I might be able to salvage this as NFS book 7 or something! :3

…it needs a title.





Enki Smith was raised by humans, but the age old question of Nature vs. Nurture was always present. Could a varas ever be anything but a varas? To prove them wrong, Enki became a doctor, and decided to move to Frontier Station in order to open a clinic servicing not just humans, but anyone who wanted medical attention. One fated trip to a furniture store gave her the first real glimpse of the man of her dreams Рliterally. Having been plagued by dreams of a varas man she had never met, Enki knew the moment she saw Scheerahis that he was destined to be hers.

But knowledge of the future is always a double edged sword. While she knew of nearly every joy she would have with him, she also knew of his death. In order to save him, she must embrace her varas heritage to its fullest and push herself to the limits.

Nanowriomo news

Work has been trying desperately to prevent me from breaking my streak of wins and losses in Nanowrimo. But I am fighting back by stealing every moment I can for writing.

I am currently at 46,339 words. I think I can get a little farther tonight before my headache sends me to sleepland.

Although this book is Natan Fleet Show stuff, I really don’t know if I should make it available for purchase… It’s really lacking much in the way of a plot. Though it has a ghost of one. I suppose I could fluff that up a little more to replace all the scenes I labeled “Here there be monsters” and made invisible by setting the font color to white. *whistles innocently*

My streak of wins and losses has, up until this point been that every even year, I lose, and every odd year, I win Nanowrimo.

I’m so close to winning this year that I really think I can do it. And, I’ve even got the 30th off. (except for my sister’s concert). I will have time to get those last few words in and finish the book. Thinking on it further, I’m kind of liking the idea of making this book available. Otherwise, it’d be a lot of hard work for nothing.

Anyway. I should get back to writing at it before getting some sleep.

Nanowrimo 2011

I hit 63,000 words in my Nanowrimo. Still not anywhere close to finishing the plot, but it’s getting good. I’m happy I chose to write a fantasy this time!

I’ve been focusing on the romance plot of a side character for the last day. I need to get back to writing Luck and Elaine.

And also need to get more of the plot working! I’ve got some rather amusing extras hanging around. I need to kill more of them.
Funny excerpt:

Servants pulled chairs out for the guests, and Beltoren took a seat, followed by his journeymen.
The sound of cloth sweeping against itself caught his attention and Beltoren looked towards the door to the front hall. Immediately, he was on his feet, bowing slightly as a young elvin woman swept into the room.
Giving him an appraising look, the woman moved to her seat and dropped into it in a very unladylike slump in the seat across from him. “Oh, sit down, Bel. You’re giving mother ideas again.”
“Is that you Kriston? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress!”
The redheaded woman rolled her eyes. “Mother is trying to set me up with someone,” she said flatly. “I’d rather die.”
“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, dear,” Yuphima said, waving her hand across the table at her oldest daughter, then glanced towards Beltoren to judge his expression.
Beltoren was about to sit again when the sound of feet clattering down the stairs was heard. Another redheaded woman, dressed in well worn loose shirt and pants jogged into the room. Again, Beltoren bowed.
“B – Crestilia Beltoren,” she said, catching herself before she was impolite and bowed. “I wasn’t aware you were here.” Her cheeks were nearly as red as her hair. She glanced over her shoulder briefly, as if debating going back upstairs to die or change into something fancier.
“Never mind that, Sherry,” Lady Yuphima said, “Come sit so we can eat.”

Essence of Luck excerpts

“Lets go then.” Beltoren grinned and started walking, making his way north along the road back into the forest. “Time’s wasting. The more we dawdle the more people die.”

Sherry picked up her pack from the grass several steps back and jogged after him. “I can’t believe you! So carefree!”

“Hardly,” Beltoren said when she caught up with him again and he could speak without raising his voice. “Just determined. I love this world. I love the people in it. And I want to do what I can to save as many as I can.”

She smiled. “You make me wish I’d had some talent with an instrument. Like my brother.”

“If you did, then you wouldn’t have taken up the sword,” Beltoren pointed out. “And two bards on the road aren’t as useful as a mage and a swords-woman.” He grinned again.

“That’s true, I guess… But you…” she looked down.

“I know.” He took a breath and let it out slowly. “I appreciate your company Sherry. I do. But…”

“I know. Let me at least be with you. It’s enough for me.”

Reaching out, Beltoren took her hand, surprised by how small it was relative to his. He squeezed her callused fingers and she laced them with his. Together they walked in silence, heading back into the dark forest beyond the Veild plans, knowing that they would be fighting shambling creatures soon enough.

Nanowrimo and other things

I’m on the waitlist for KamiCon’s artist alley. I need to arrange to get a table at Hama3. As well as look into getting one at AWA.

I have such terrible luck with signing up on time for artist alley stuff lately. They’re always full by the time I have the chance to sign up. ): Makes me think maybe I should just go for a dealer’s booth. But I don’t have enough stuff to call myself a dealer… er… I dunno.

Anyway. Working on my nanowrimo. Wow is it smutty… (although I’ve only had 2 sex scenes for 34k words) I’m making myself write out the scenes I would normally have faded to black on. I’m not sure whether I would continue to write Romances after this. It’s mildly uncomfortable actually. I didn’t think it would be, but it is. At least, full on sex scenes. I may, when I edit this, cut out the descriptions of the unf-unfs and just FTB while I fix up the plot. It has a solid plot so far, after all. It’ll still be an adult book, but a less smutty version. I have some pretty amusing conversations between the various Essences and other characters.


Excerpt may be too graphic for most…
Continue reading “Nanowrimo and other things”


I should blog more often.

Well, I actually DO blog more often, but you guys don’t see it… mostly because it’s complaining about OKCupid idiots and general whining about life, the universe and everything, which I keep to my physical journal and my friends-only LJ… I’m wondering if keeping my griping and whining to myself is a good practice, or if I should let the general public see more of that? Though it seems to me that letting non-friends see that stuff would be asking for flames and people getting butthurt over something I said.

Also, what if one of those OKCupid idiots comes across my blog and reads what I said about them? That’d be kind of embarrassing. But at the same time, when they say things like:

“You are quite the number. Totally would like to see you topless…..”


“I am suppoed to send you a “nice message” but I am home shitfacedfrom the bar (thats one word) and DAMN, you a’ight! face/win O.K. For SErious, lets catch up some time, yuo seem preeet right for a ppe, and I’m gone. :D? ”

I can’t say as I’m really that impressed, and honestly, if they’re going to drunk-message me just because I have boobs and they think I’m desperate… I think they’re asking to get mocked.

Why are guys like this? I just don’t even…. ugh. Makes me wish I was biologically asexual and could just split off a bud and have a baby all by myself without their help. ):

Unfortunately, I’m still left wanting a relationship of some kind, mostly for the cuddles. At least boys aren’t like dogs (even if they act like it sometimes, constantly looking for a leg to hump) and haven’t been licking their buttholes before they try to put their mouths on mine (which is exactly why I won’t let dogs lick me, btw – or cats for that matter, but cats don’t usually lick anyone but themselves and aren’t NEARLY as slobbery when they do it).
Meanwhile, I HATE my nanowrimo. ):
It was supposed to be a romance but my characters don’t like each other! So now I’ve got zombies attacking them and my F-MC is being a selfish little snit and my M-MC is just trying to return to his normal incorporeal form…

ugh. BEHAVE you two, and start with the sexy making outs! Maybe I should just give up on the romance-plot and make it an action/adventure instead? D:

List of things to Procrastinate: a Fangirl’s lament

My list of things I should finish/do; from the inconsequential to the important in no particular order:

*Legend of Dragoon – I got to the last disk and put it down. And because of the way they made the battle system, I’d have to start over. Don’t remember how to hit the buttons in the right order! Lol

*FF13 – Orphan. SUCKS.

*2 Ratchet and Clank games that I’m not sure where I left off on them.

*The first 2 Halo games. Though I’ve played them before, I don’t have the achievements on MY xbox.

*I need to get a job ):

*Read my friend’s game design doc. I’m a terrible friend ): She needs me to help edit this thing, but I’m not sure what exactly needs doing.

*Get back into Dance Trance. I have 10 classes I have to attend at least.

*Next 5 chapters of NoFace for another friend who’s turning it into a manga. Yay Manga!

*It would follow that I’ve got a multitude of other original stories that I haven’t finished but need finishing.

*More books in the Natan Fleet Show need written… Tentative list is: #3 Ambassador at Large, #4 Shaxia (title may change), #0.1 Ellurian Pearls, #0.2 Faith on Silver Wings, #0.3 Frontier Station. And somewhere in the future I’ll get Victory Station in there. D:

*In addition to the fact that I’ve got about 30 fanfics on that I started posting and didn’t bother finishing. But if I did pick them up again, I’d have to edit like WOAH. …I’m afraid to. But, if nothing else, leaving the old stuff there is like an archeological timeline that shows the progression of my writing. :D hooray bright side! (some aren’t worth picking up again, tho, since they were total crack.)

*Read another friend’s CampNaNo he wanted some input on.

*Send out some packages I’m needing to mail.

*Cleaning the house. But this is an ongoing thing that will never. Ever. Be completed.

*Making various costumes for myself. And clothes. I started making some time ago, got frustrated and put down.

*I should sort through my clothes and discover what doesn’t fit anymore and give it to someone. Mostly it’s my office clothes, but it kinda ticks me off that I spent $400 on buying this stuff and then gained 20lb. stupid body ):

*Drawing various gifts I promised people and don’t really remember what they asked for ): I’m such a LAME friend!

*Of course, that last one follows into “need to MAKE gifts for people this year”…

*Scanning all my old artwork so I can throw away the trash (and keep the good ones to sell or something later)

*need to return Mad Ship to my friend and start reading Golden Fool. (Same friend I’m borrowing a DS from to play Coded… but If I can get enough money selling books I’ll buy a 3DS and get that new KingdomHearts game!)

*Speaking of borrowed books, I’ve got a bunch of other books borrowed from friends and family. As well as books I picked up myself that I wanted to read… ugh. It’s such a long list I have no idea how I’ll ever get to them all, what with new books that are awesome being printed every day!

*Among those books being Powerborn, and Changes, and those are just my 2 newest books I’m actually working on reading atm.

*I need to learn how to use Anime Studio. And Manga Studio. I’ve got a For Dummies book on the latter but it doesn’t make much sense because, despite being a Gemini, I’m rather set in my ways sometimes and Photoshop works well enough. PaintTool Sai was okay for a diversion while I was installing PS5, but… heh.

*I bought a bunch of books on Wicca and other pagan religions and haven’t cracked them. I need to read them for reference if nothing else.

*back on the subject of games, I have Persona and Dissidia that I haven’t even unwrapped. As well as Daxter, for the PSP, that I need to finish playing.

*and Chain of Memories. Maybe if I played the worlds in the right order I would have an easier time of it.

*My nanowrimo is languishing right now. Poor Elaine, poor Luck. they haven’t even gotten laid yet and it’s already 3k words in! (this should be rectified… as soon as I get around to it.)
I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of stuff.

So what about everyone else? What have YOU not finished?