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Rough draft of a scene from Frontier Station.


Heading down to the docks, Mirith took a breath and ducked into a crowd, easily losing Loushai, who was unable to maneuver through the people without extreme caution. Jogging and dodging humans as she went, Mirith spotted a wolfadon male. She fell in behind him, as the humans tended to give him a bit of clearance, unlike with each other and the psion Loushai, who was still struggling to catch up with her some distance back.

Excuse me,” she said in gilon. “Sir! Excuse me?” she skipped around beside him, “Sir!

The wolfadon’s ears flicked back as he looked down at her, briefly showing his teeth. Boldly, Mirith stared up at him until his expression changed again. She wasn’t quite sure what the expression was, but guessed shock. “I need to speak to your translator,” she said in Gilon.

His ears flicked and he continued walking. Continue reading “Denied”