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Just a thing I made.

If you would like an original character drawn please contact me! I’m open for commissions.

Full page fliers are $80

Single characters, full color are $30

Single character sketches are $20

Faith on Silver Wings Cover – wip

I’ve got the cover image for Faith on Silver Wings done. Or fairly close to it except for some minor work. I cheated a bit and used that pic of Enkiria I’d already done and a few other things I’d already done in my other version of the book cover that I decided I didn’t quite like.

I will be editing this cover further, of course, getting it perfect and all, but here it is for now.

Faith on Silver Wings Cover

I’ve been working on a cover design for Faith on Silver Wings…
I’ve got something but I’m still not sure I’m happy with it. It’s got a big bird on it and I’m not sure if the bird really fits… It’s pretty, I guess… I’ll finish this piece anyway, as it might be fine as just random artwork for the series.

Haven’t done any writing lately, but I’ve been reading.
The Shadow’s series by Brent Weeks is pretty darn good. Lots of stuff Just Goes Wrong and it’s delightful! The sadistic author side of me is overjoyed that someone else likes tormenting their characters as much as I do! I’ll probably write a review of the series when I finish the third book.