Immortal Nox: The Lost City

Players disappeared 500 years ago, and no one wants them back.
So when Astra Diane respawns in Aesir, it is more than a little inconvenient for her porter, Xander, who is now a high-ranking member of the Church. As the only one in the world who can hand out unlocked Skills and respawn at Soul Stones, Astra is now a hot commodity for the cities looking to have a war and the remaining Porters who wish to increase their Skills. Astra has her own problems, however. She can’t log out.

Immortal Nox: The Library of Skills

The Convergence is coming, and Ashguard is not prepared. Astra and Xander have spent months readying the city of Vard for the impending disaster. Now, they head for Nifelheim, the city of Ice and Stone. There, Xander hopes his reputation and contacts can offer protection against Johnas’ bounty hunters. While seeking alternatives to better defend the people of Ashguard, Astra discovers far deeper connections between Earth and Ashguard.

Immortal Nox: The City of Sky

Coming May 2024

Immortal Nox: The Eye of God

Coming May 2025