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Mask of Ashes

Books 1-3 of the Natan Fleet Show, all in one place! Ebook only, but for the Very Nice Price of $10!









Playing the Hero

Vathion used to be a normal Gilon boy, but when his father was assassinated, he lost everything. In place of friends and any sense of normality, he receives the title of Admiral and the mess his father left unfinished. Obligated to fight in Gilonnia’s Civil War, Vathion’s strength of will is put to the test as he struggles to maintain the loyalty of his crew and hide the truth of his father’s fate.

Playing the Hero is the first book in an epic story of one Gilon’s loss of innocence mirroring the fall of his species.




Symbol of Hope

After barely surviving a battle with nearly impossible odds, the Natan Fleet is trashed and must be rebuilt almost from scratch. Shortly after the fleet is finished being repaired, Vathion is sent out to investigate the validity of information he has gathered about a supposedly deserted area of space being used as a hiding spot by the Rebel commander, Ha’Likka. When he finds that there is an enemy fleet parked in Toudon, Vathion makes a mistake that gets him captured by Ha’Likka’s forces. In the chaos of Vathion’s capture, Natan’s true whereabouts are discovered.
Natan is left to fight a war between his instincts and sensibilities; torn between duty and family. Meanwhile Vathion fights to retain his sanity as his mind begins to come apart at the seams. Both cling to the only thing they can accomplish: ending the war.


Phoenix Emperor

Without a doubt, Ha’Likka is dead, but the destruction she wrought during the last hours of her life will ensure her memory lives on. Natan takes charge of cleaning up the Haikon while everyone else is busy mourning the loss of the Imperial Palace. Knowing his death in inevitable due to the loss of Hasabi, Natan still battles his biology to stall for time until Vathion awakens from a medical coma. Questioned constantly by Tendel and even his own crew, Natan has little choice but to hope that Vathion is sane. He certainly doesn’t know what to do about the Varas lurking in Gilonnia’s backyard. With his efforts to hide the truth growing more obvious by the day, the real culprits behind the war are moving to regain control of their empire.




 Coming Soon


Two years have passed since the Haikon disaster, but some people aren’t satisfied with the way things shook out for Gilonnia. In a bid to get Vathion out of power, the High Council has cooked up a scheme that has put Vathion on the hunt for blood. Natan and Hasabi must clean up the mess, leaving them unable to help him should anything go wrong. With no other choice they charge Scheerahis, the claimed Varas, to back Vathion in whatever danger he’s found to get into this time.


Foreseen Champion

During the chaos of the initial Varas Incursion, the Midris was felled by a tricannon shot. Lost and frightened, Mirith Hayden is confronted with who she is and what she had originally aimed to become. In the midst of the weirdest alien encounter, Mirith has to decide who she really wants to live for.







Frontier Station

Raymond Perry came from a family of naval officers; his mother was a ship captain, his father was an admiral – all had high hopes for him. Faulty genetics nearly destroyed Raymond’s hopes, but swift intervention by his father saved Raymond’s career. However, there is always a price for any favor. Now, Raymond has been assigned to a deserted alien-built station on the very edge of Human Federation Space. With Terra six months distant, asking for permission for anything out of the ordinary is out of the question. Unfortunately, that also means that if the wrong people find out about his secret, he has little hope of maintaining control until help arrives. When one of the original owners of Frontier arrives, Raymond’s problems come to a head and he has to ask help from the stranded Gilon girl, Mirith Hayden.



Victory Station


Faith on Silver Wings

Kedetireen Marethsharanto, Captain of the Perro’s guard for seven years, and only a step away from being the most powerful male on the warship Kurrainad was as strange as a Varas could be. With a taste for terrible music and dancing, he chose to survive by being at the top and not letting anyone close enough to see beneath his facade.
Enkiria Jruasammi, unable to reconcile the revulsion she felt for her own species chose the difficult road of standing by her principles without revealing her disgust, for to do so would mean certain death. Determined to find a kindred spirit within her people, she set out to create her own little Heaven amidst the maelstrom of Varas life.
Fiona Ragsdale, an untrained Psion heading for college on Terra, captured and enslaved by the Varas, chose to do what she had to in order to survive. If that meant breaking an oath she had yet to take, she was ready and willing.
Their actions will guide the fate of the entire Varas race.