K. E. Ireland

I’ll be participating again this year. As always. 

My intention this year is to post whatever I get done daily.

The premise of this story is to stick to the tropes of a romance fantasy web novel/comic.


– evil half-brother who will do anything for power

– evil crown prince who is sun-coded and psychotic

– second prince is the main love interest and is the cold Duke of the North

– female lead is generally helpless and depressed but trying to go against her fate

Trigger warnings:

– suicide ideation

– eating disorders

– domestic violence

– bullying

– neglect

– rape

– torture

– abuse

You know how it is. Long as I don’t drop the F-bomb, it’s still pg13~ :D

our rating system is seriously messed up…

Story will be posted on my Patreon. Also, you can read books I’ve published for a dollar a month.

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