I finished the whole Immortal Nox series and am working on getting covers for them. There are four books, and book one is already available for preorder on Kindle. I am delighted with how it turned out.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a million more ideas that will not come out. Creative constipation, if you will.

Here are the items in the queue.

Faultline: Mech pilot girl suddenly finds herself in a fantasy realm in the middle of a battle. She’s mistaken for the princess of another country, but she’s pretty sure they’ve got her mistaken for someone else. Meanwhile, the black shadow creatures that endlessly stare with their blank faces are creeping closer, as if waiting for her to mess up and end up in their world next.

Returner’s Love: Florence is a knight from a long line of knights and has certain duties and expectations placed upon her by society. That doesn’t stop her from wishing for someone to sweep her off her feet with romance. In comes Reggie, the genius mage of the Academy who seems to know all her secret desires already and caters to every last one of them. If Reggie wasn’t bad enough, the third prince, Darius, has also taken an interest in her. If only she hadn’t had that dream of Darius killing her.

Cosplay Isekai: Five strangers are standing in line for lunch at a game convention when a portal opens beneath them. Magic scatters them across the realm, given the powers and abilities of who they’d cosplayed. Not a bad fate for Swordsman X, but for the girl now trapped in the body of a Hearthbreaker, it is a tragedy. She may have spent a lot of effort on her costume, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be it.

She was Supposed to be the Villainess: Erin had never really liked her stepsister Amanda much, but she understood that the girl hadn’t had the best upbringing. She indulges Amanda’s obsession with her homemade otome game, but when it becomes their reality, Erin is immediately fed up with having to fulfill her role. Especially when she knows said Evil Stepsister will be beheaded early on, no matter which boy Amanda decides to romance.

Wishbound: In a world where wishes come true, Kay, a prince with the additional power to Spell things into existence by writing them, has committed a cardinal sin. He Spelled his Wish to make the world more Orderly. In defense, the world kicks him out by switching him with another version who will be more at home in the chaotic world. A “regular” girl from a boring black and white world, Kayleigh doesn’t particularly like Kay’s body and wants hers back. But her world relies on her Dance Chaos, just as Kay’s world relies on his Spelling. Moving either one of them bodily to a new world could destabilize the delicate balance and bring it crashing down.

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