So, that happened

HSV Comic Expo was fun. Busier than I expected it to be. I think everyone having to take a two-year break from conventions got the enthusiasm to attend up. I need suggestions for places to go next year. It’s a bit too late to get into other stuff this year, possibly.

I’m pretty sure I avoided catching ConCrud, although Clocku seems to have been a bit lax on the hand sanitizer. She’s feeling under the weather today. May it only be allergies!

I do plan on going next year. Since I managed to get rid of a bunch of the old covers, I’ve gotten my book inventory down to one box. Next convention, I’ll be sure to bring lots of Touched by Death, some of J. D. Huffman’s Totality Book 3. Also, I need more romance books for my Spice Rack. So if you’ve got a romance you want to publish, send me a submission.

In the meantime, “Immortal Nox: The Lost City” is back from the editor and only needs some minor polish. I’m about to pester my artist for an invoice on the cover art and interior art. I’m expecting to have the book available for sale by August. :)

Now I have a billion house chores to catch up on.

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