I’ve been writing these last few months. I finished the Immortal Nox 4-book series and book one is currently with an editor. I’ve begun writing a Camp Nanowrimo that’s supposed to be a shorter one-shot book/series/thing. We shall see how that goes. Hopefully, I will finish it. It isn’t speaking to me the way Immortal Nox did.

The story is called “She Was Supposed to be the Villainess” and is about a pair of step-sisters who get transported into an otome game. One of them is now in the body of the main character and wants to romance ALL the Suitors. The other is in the Evil Step-Sister’s body and wants to avoid getting killed at the end for treason.

I also need to finish Wishbound. I’ve got a lot of different things that are all really good but just… not FINISHED. ugh. Maybe 2022 will be the year I finish more things. I’m gonna aim for that.

I WILL be publishing Immortal Nox book 1 this year, for sure. So keep an eye out for that.

Additionally! I’ll have two tables at the HSV Comic Expo this April. All my stuff will be $10 or less. I want to get rid of old inventory. Please come buy super cheap art prints.

By K.E. Ireland

Self-Published Author, Artist and Entrepreneur