I’ve chosen a full title for part 1 of Immortal Nox. I’ve also chosen my new pen name for my Adult stuff.

I’d thought about using K. E. Ireland for it, but I didn’t want the people who read my YA and are actually like 13 to go, “Oh, a new book by my favorite author!” and grab something that has Adult Materials in it, then get mad at me for publishing that.

My other writer name is Kaira Loi. I will be publishing anything that has adult situations under that name. Everything else will be under K. E. Ireland as per usual.

I’ve got “The Lost City” at an editor. She said my grammar isn’t too bad, so there’s that. I guess…

I did some research yesterday on covers and have decided how I want the cover to look. Still deciding how many pictures I want in the book.

By K.E. Ireland

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