I’m doing Science(fiction) and I’m still alive

Last year was… something.

This year looks like it’s going to be something else.

On the bright side, I wrote a new series. It’s four books, MS is complete, and I’m hiring an editor to look it over. Also, I’ve got an artist hired to do covers, etc. I’ll post the main characters’ pics on my site as soon as I get them.

It’s an Isekai trapped in a game world. I was reading book one of another series and got mad at it because they had the opportunity for angst and character torture and instead went so sugary fluffy that I wanted to gag. So, out of spite, I wrote my own. It turned adult. Hopefully, it won’t need too much editing to be releasable to the public.



Astra was an average player in the VR world of Ashguard. She’d chosen the unpopular Healer class to play because Astra knew she wasn’t very good at staying alive, but she had fun in her way. When she respawns back at Aesir during a world event plague, she discovers that 500 years have passed in the game and can’t log out.

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