failed nanowrimo

I didn’t even start this year. I was having some emotional crisis and thinking about things.

To be honest, online marketing has gotten extremely stupid. Social media is a rope with which to hang yourself. Everyone loved HP, then JKR opened her mouth on social media and now it’s ruined forever. I think I’d rather not even wade into that cesspool. I’ll post things on my website from time to time, but beyond that, I guess, expect nothing more nor less from me on my various social media than what I’ve been doing.

This decision lifts a weight off my soul, for sure. The anxiety of having to be present on social media, constantly engaging and debating with the topic of the moment – it’s all too much. I can’t keep up with it and write and do my day job all at the same time.

Meanwhile, I commissioned Generally Pooky to rip Playing the Hero to shreds and it was hilarious! Everything I was expecting and more.

I hope my next series is better written.

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