omg the decade is almost over and I’ve still got so much to do.

Right now, I’m working on improving Moirae Pubs stuff, which is going to include an aggressive twittering and being active on other social media, as well as volunteering in MP’s name, and other stuff. I’m working on getting the MP webpage looking nice, but its not cooperating, of course. I’ve been learning how to market too. I hope that helps.

I’m also planning on getting Shaxia done in 2020. I’ve not had much time to work on it over this last year, but I’m going to make it a priority. Along with everything else I’m prioritizing.

I really just want to make MP successful, along with all the authors who have signed up with me.

So there’s my update. Now, back to work I go…

By K.E. Ireland

Self-Published Author, Artist and Entrepreneur