Paymeh and Savon

This is a scene that happened during Symbol of Hope that I had to cut due to story length. The conversation in this scene canonically happened. Maybe one day I’ll be able to make a Final Mix version of these stories that includes all the extra bits.

“Um, Savon?” Paymeh asked after standing awkwardly in her doorway for a moment.

“Yes Paymeh?”

“You’ve still got that clone, right?”

“Not for much longer,” Savon sighed, “It was wrong of me to make it, I should have gotten rid of it a while ago.” In all honesty, she had delayed taking action on Vathion’s order to destroy the clone. After all, he hadn’t specified when exactly he wanted it destroyed. Unfortunately, she was running out of excuses to continue keeping it.

“Wait!” Paymeh lurched forward a step, “Don’t – I mean…”

Looking over from her notes, Savon quirked a brow. “What is it?”

Twiddling his fingers, Paymeh stared at the floor. “Well, um… what if I well… What if Natan could be put into it?”

Savon stared. “What?”

“Please! Don’t talk to anyone about this!” he looked around nervously, “I… see… when Natan died. He didn’t really die. I… I ripped out his mind when I jumped free.” He winced, “I couldn’t let him die! I – I love him. But now everything’s just messed up and I’m grasping at straws to fix it!”

Savon sat. On the floor. “W…wait – you’re saying…”

Paymeh sighed, “But it was too much for me to hold. It’s like trying to carry a dozen squirming snakes. I couldn’t hold onto him, so I just put him somewhere, but now he’s settling in and – he’ll never forgive me!”

“Where did you put him?”

Paymeh didn’t look like he wanted to answer, but finally admitted, “In Vathion.”


“Now I can’t get near Vath to see what’s going on, and others have told me it’s getting pretty bad. Natan’s waking up and they’re starting to fight for dominance… and one will win eventually, but at the loss of the other.”

“So you want to take Natan out of Vathion’s head and put him in the clone?”

Paymeh nodded. “Yes… but I’m afraid that doing so will kill Vathion. It’s amazing the stress of getting a second mind dumped into him the first time didn’t kill him!”

Savon shook her head, “Can’t you take Natan out a little at a time?”

“I can’t get to Vathion.”

“We could explain…?”

Paymeh stared at her in shock, “Have you any idea how mad he’ll be?”

“Which one?” she quirked a brow.


Savon crossed her arms, “Well, isn’t this a pickle. Why didn’t you put him into the clone in the first place?”

“I wasn’t thinking straight at the time and you had the clone locked up where I couldn’t get it.”

“Right. I’ll keep the clone. You figure out how to get at Vathion and get Natan out of there!”

Paymeh sighed, defeated. “I’m trying…”

“Well, the good news is, he’s supposed to come down here twice a day for that wound Gatas gave him. You can do something then.” Savon suggested.

Looking up at Savon, Paymeh blinked, “He’s been wounded?”

She nodded, “Gatas got out somehow… Chira’s dead.”

Paymeh covered his eyes, “Vathion kept saying… and no one believed him.”

“Loyalty,” Savon shook her head, “That’s what it boils down to. Vathion is the new guy. It’s just how our society works. Gatas has been here so long, who here would have thought he could change? Not much we can do about it now. He’s in the brig, under constant watch.”

All Paymeh could do was shake his head. “Can I sleep in here?” he asked.

Nodding, Savon gestured towards her couch. “Have at.” Gratefully, Paymeh climbed onto the couch and curled up. After a few minutes, Savon carefully draped a blanket over him and went back to work.

If Natan was going to inhabit the body of the clone anytime soon, it needed to be in proper shape.