I’ve got a gripe. It starts from people on these dating sites and boils down to people being hypocrites.

One category on a specific site lets you list your ambition level. People say they’re ambitious, but I ask them “what’s the first thing on your bucket list?” and their answer is something amazing that would take a lot of work or effort. And so I ask them “what’s stopping you from achieving that?” and they give bullshit reasons. Like money, or no one to do it with. And I’m like, “ok. But why aren’t you making an effort to get the money together to do it? Why aren’t you looking for people to do it with?” and then they just have excuses and no plan.

Its the same level as people who say “Oh, I’ve always wanted to write a book” and then their reason for not doing so is that they just don’t have the time. Yet they act like writing is easy. (there are plenty of rants and essays on the hardships of being a writer etc, so I don’t really need to add my voice to that)

Be the author of your own fate. You can have anxiety and biological things in the way of achieving your dreams, but if you never reach for them how are you supposed to achieve them? You really need to make an effort if you want something. If something you wanted is just given to you, and you didn’t fight for it, then you don’t value it as much. What is the value of something you just found?

Why does it take facing the end of your life to decide that NOW is the time to get working on those goals you had set years ago? Money isn’t as big of a factor as you think if you want to be daring. People go backpacking across Europe all the time.