Audio Drama

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a short audio drama to do for Natan Fleet Show. I’ve got a few ideas, but not sure which one I should bother putting effort into writing.


idea 1:

Vathion getting picked to play the lead in the school play before the beginning of book 1.

characters: Vath, Mirith, Jathas, Lisha, Paire, Carf, random students


idea 2:

a scene on the bridge of the Xarian after Vathion has taken over as admiral.

characters: Vath, Erekdra, Codas, Bibbole, Chira, Ahri, Gatas, Paymeh



idea 3

NFS episode.

characters: Natan, Erekdra, Codas, Bibbole, Chira, Arih, Gatas, Paymeh


anyone have thoughts?