When In Rome

While I’ve done some choral singing on stage before, and one solo in high school, I’ve not had much opportunity to display my dancing capabilities until now.



I have now officially been in a melodrama/musical thing.

Opening night was last Friday, yesterday’s shows went pretty well, I think, I had way more fun when people I knew were there in the audience, though most people seem to have the opposite reaction.


The melodrama is about Gladius, Minimus, and Julia, a trio of thieves in ancient Rome just trying to get along in life. Things get hairy when they get caught trying to sneak into the palace and Gladius is roped into fighting in the Gladiator games in an attempt to impress the Princess and save his own life.


cast wheninrome












Anyway, have some selfies I’m actually not ashamed to share. lol

PreShowSelfie Amazing Hair