I want to see a movie about Petra Parker.

I want to see a movie about Iron Maiden/Tonie Stark.

I want to see Claire Kent and Brittany Wayne.

Not because I’m being feminazi. But because this is really starting to get ridiculous!

I’ve been watching my friend play Last of Us and I noticed that thusfar, there’s only been 2 female parts with speaking roles. The only one still alive is 14. What IS it with the media industry and this stupid notion that it is impossible for a woman to be an equal partner in a relationship; be it marriage or fighting zombies? Why, despite repeated evidence to the contrary do the executives of Cartoon Network think that girls don’t buy toys?

Maybe you’re not making the toys we want?

I WANT BATMAN PANTIES! I don’t care that I’m an adult, I’d totally wear them.

You want to say we don’t buy toys, but you’re not marketing them to us, you aren’t giving us the chance. You’re not marketing to the parents – they’re the ones with the money anyway. Why ignore half your market? If a child is a fan of your TV show or game, then why say “no no no – this is a BOYS ONLY club. You can’t join!”

Seriously? We don’t have cooties.

I’m sure others have said it in far more length and eloquence than I am managing to so I’ll keep it short.

It’s almost 2014. WHY is this still an issue? Put a woman in a position of equal authority in a game, market the game as the awesome game it is, rather than exploiting the woman with bare boobies and butt hanging out her shorts, and it’ll probably be the best selling game ever. This is the same issue we have in publishing; you don’t put money and effort behind the marketing, of COURSE its going to sell poorly.

Or, y’know. You can go back to playing with your “action figures” in your mother’s basement and pretend that girls are “gross”… at least until you want to touch us with your Cheetos-encrusted fingers and then complain that we’re being mean. Go ahead, don your fedora and froth rabidly at me for this. I will laugh.

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