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I will now answer questions from a reader!

Is perfume a major thing in Gilon society, or almost totally unknown?

Are you going to explain how Likka avoided Widow’s Syndrome? I assume Natan did it by having Hasabi send periodic care packages with her scent, but I don’t think Likka had that chance?

Does being scent deaf mean you effectively can’t breed? Or would that be exclusive to one sex?

Sex is separate from mating, right? Because Natan seemed to get a lot of play before Hasabi, and you seem to imply prostitution is still a thing among Gilon with Hyan.

Is it weird that Gilon doctors are so similar to Gilon serial killers?

Are Gilon House and Gilon Dexter the same show?

I assume that Hyphokos make Gilon reproduce sexually so that Gilon wouldn’t catch on to something being wrong with their biology by comparison. Does it ever squick Hyphokos out that some of their clothes like to f* each other? Would you have sex with your Bond present, or would that be considered weird?

What determines a Gilon’s zodiac signs? Do they always come in specific combinations or can it be in any combination?

Is the possibility of being scent-deaf an intentional design feature for the Hyphokos in case they have to use Gilon against each other? Is that something they could turn on if they wished?

Can I have a cookie?

A sweater that also makes cinnamon rolls on occasion would be awesome.


It comes up in Frontier Station, but gilon actually do not wear perfume. Their sense of smell is more developed than ours, so they find such things mildly offensive. It’s also why Vathion is frequently shown taking showers or changing clothes.

Sex and mating are different. Though sex is still how a child is conceived, it’s a matter of choice of whether a male is fertile or not. Thus gilon’s view of sex is much different from humans. Further explanation can be found here. However, as you noted, there is still prostitution. While the consequences of accidental pregnancy do not exist, there’s still sometimes the desire to just go get laid without having to have an emotional attachment to the other person, or the bothersome effort of having to bar crawl for hours just to find a little bed company. As a result, Hyan exists. Though houses such as Hyan’s are also places to leave information as well as gather information, which is why Vathion called her and his plotting with the ‘generous donation’ thing seen in book 1.

Likka did not suffer from Widow Syndrome due to the fact that she was scent deaf. The part of her brain that processed scents no longer functioned, due to her head injury. Being scent deaf is sort of like amnesia. As she was NOT mated before she was wounded, her body never recognized that she had a mate even when she was pregnant (allowing her to murder the father of her child without consequence). Scent bonding is part biological, part psychological. Natan’s avoidance of scent bonding to Hasabi in the first place is because he dodged out before she actually started to smell pregnant, thus leaving him in a half-bonded state. He no longer felt attracted to other women, but he was not fully bonded to Hasabi so that her absence did not kill him. He sent her occasional gifts that smelled like him. She couldn’t avoid being bound to his scent – since she was not scent deaf as Likka was. At the time of the series’s start, the civil war had been going for about thirty years which means that Likka is old enough to be Natan’s mother. Likka has been scent deaf this whole time, and halfway through the war, someone thought it was a good idea to get her pregnant. It was meant to be a stalling tactic. To make her stupid for a few months – as women become mentally handicapped while gestating. (This would be the reason for the strong scent bonding. It keeps a competent male around while she’s incapacitated.) The tactic backfired when she murdered Miki’s father and made it very clear that she thought she had been violated. Further attempts to control her using Miki failed, resulting in the relationship shown in Symbol of Hope, where she was more than willing to use Miki as a meat shield. She had counted on Vathion being a Good Guy and a child, and being mildly attached to Miki in order to secure her escape. She did not expect Vathion to have the guts to do the SMART thing, even though it was the toughest and most damaging decision he had ever made (and ever would, probably, since I don’t know how to top that bit of character torture**).

Not all gilon doctors are like Savon. Some of them have to wear scent-scrubbing respirators when they do work, but were called to the profession because they understand that doctors are necessary and they honestly want to heal people. Some are called to the profession because they like the power. Others, like Savon, don’t process the scent of blood quite the same way everyone else does; she figured that would be the best place for someone such as herself. It’s much the same way some people can handle needles and others get physically sick at the sight/thought of needles. Though the people who get physically sick at the sight of blood/needles is much more common in Gilonnia than those who do not.

The thought of a gilon version of “House” and “Dexter” make me giggle, but sadly, it is an improbable idea. That would be a glorification of people who are mentally handicapped/sick. The Natan Fleet Show bends the rules of what can be shown on gilon TV enough as it is. They’re goody-two-shoe like that.

Sweaters that make cinnamon rolls… lol

Gilon are so used to being observed that they don’t bat an eye at hyphokos observation. I plan on bringing it up in Frontier Station, book 4 of the series, but gilon put up with an AI watching them, recording everything they say and do, at all times. They have hyphokos living inside of them, privy to their thoughts and emotions (with some degree of control over them as well). Gilon would wonder why humans kick the dog out of the bedroom during sexytimes. As for the hyphokos remaining bonded during sexytimes – that would be up to the individuals in question whether they cared. Some do not, some do. This topic will be covered more in book 5, Shaxia.*

Zodiac signs are covered in the appendix of book 1. But in short, they’re based upon a complicated formula that is calculated at birth to map out color, food, drink, and number. These zodiacs can be found in any combination. Gilon sometimes use it as a guide for compatibility. However, it can also be a guide to life. Vathion’s color is Silver; this (and here’s some insider stuff!) is a reference to his mental color, as well as Jathas’s mental color (visible on hyphokos as their eye color), Miki’s hair, Likka’s hair, and Scheerahis’s hair, and Mirith’s mental color. Natan’s color was Green, reference to Hasabi’s mental and hair color. Hasabi’s color was blue, reference to Natan’s eyes. Raymond’s color is violet, reference to Vathion’s hair and Natan’s hair/mental color.


As for cookies – you’re the second person to become obsessed with Mirith’s cookies. lol




*Books 4 and 5 are subject to being switched as they both happen at about the same time and I’ve not decided which I will finish writing first.

** BWAHAHAHAHAAA challenge accepted.