Valvrave the Liberator



This show is amazing!

My first impression was that it was a filler anime because the opening looked kinda typical mecha show, and then things started happening – and I realized it was a Sunrise production. <3

Episode one was like – LoL, whut? So random student with pacifistic tendencies can become an ace mecha pilot in 2 seconds? Ok. lol.

Then I gave episode two a try and things got seriously twisted. Like – politician totally mowed down a student with a machine gun and other students have been outright blown up and bodies shown and there are space Nazis and vampires(?), and the mechs are cursed. The pilots are immortal? I’m not sure what’s going on really, but its awesome so far.

In order to not spoil anyone who hasn’t watched this yet, I’ll keep it brief, but I give this one a 5 of 5, for now. Unless it goes dumb. I hope it doesn’t.

But. There’s like … biting. Between hot boys.

valvrave-ep1-10This totally happened in episode 2. <3

L-elf is hawt tho. omg.

Valvrave-the-Liberator-01-20Like really. L-elf stabbed him, in the heart. Then shot him 3 or 4 times. To be sure. And dude got up and BIT him. Vampire Zombie Mecha Pilot Boy ATTACK!

Like, really. “My body is damaged. I’ll just borrow this one for now. LoL.” Although, I’ve determined that the original owner of the body is still IN there… Which makes it kinda creepy. My thought was “Don’t get too frisky in sex, sweeties. It maaay not end well.”

Oops. I meant to stop typing before I spoiled. Ok. Ending post now. :D