Scent Bonding

This is meant to be an academic statement concerning a topic used as a plot device in the Natan Fleet Show series.

Scent Bonding only to the Gilon race. It is a complicated process that is both mental and biological.

A scent bond occurs when a Gilon man gets a Gilon woman pregnant. As fertility is a choice for Gilon men, sex is a pleasurable act that anyone who’s interested can engage in. Gilon society reflects this in that nudity, while not really acceptable in public, is not completely frowned upon, and negative body images are generally unheard of. If someone smells good, they are considered attractive.

At fourteen to fifteen years of age, a child’s scent will change to that of an adult with the onset of puberty. They will be functional, fertile adults biologically, if not emotionally. This will have an effect on their parents, leading them to become less protective of their offspring, and turn to possibly conceiving another child. This is the reason why large age gaps between children are the norm in Gilon society, such as the 7 year difference between Natan and Saimon.

Gilon are capable of breeding up until the day they die due to males being fertile only when they choose to be. It is the concept of quality over quantity taken to an extreme. Most Gilon families only have one to two children. They can have up to three or four children in special situations, but these are considered abnormally large families.

During the act of mating, several changes take place in both the male and female’s bodies. When the male chooses to be fertile, his personal scent will change as well. It is a process that takes up to ten minutes to come to full effect. This scent includes a pheromone the female absorbs. Female Gilon do not have gonads in the same way that Humans do. The wall of their uterus is endometrial tissue covered in filaments meant to catch the male’s ejaculate. Much the same way Velcro catches fuzz. For this reason, female Gilon do not have periods.

At this point, the egg, which the Gilon male has ejaculated is fertilized inside of the female. Further hormonal reactions occur in the female once she has conceived, associating the scent of the fertile male she is with as her mate. This is both a mental and physical change.

There is no undoing this hormonal change, as her scent glands have taken in her mate’s pheromones and now produce a hybrid of her scent and his; she will never find another male attractive after this point. However, in return, she gains access to his family network. She will instantly be able to recognize his immediate family, and they will recognize her.

Male scent bonding begins with his choice to be fertile. His body will begin absorbing her pheromones and associating her scent as the only one he will ever be attracted to after that point. The bonding is fully complete for a male only after conception has taken hold. It is at this point that the woman’s hormones change and she begins to smell pregnant. This process can take up to a week.

At this point, if his mate dies or leaves, he is partially scent bound to her and cannot mate with another, but he will not immediately go into Widow Syndrome. Because she has absorbed his scent marker during the initial mating, a pseudo scent similar to his is exuded, and a fully completed scent bonding will cause a reaction similar to drug addiction in humans. The mated pair must be exposed to each other’s fresh scent on a regular basis, or they begin to go into withdraw which leads to cognitive failure and death within three to seven months. 

If one of a mated pair is exposed to the blood of their mate, and it is known that the mate has died, Widow Syndrome proceeds at an accelerated pace, leading to expiration in one to three months. While his mate is pregnant, his body will recognize the scent markers of her pregnancy hormones, triggering his protective instincts to ensure that his gestating mate is safe and taken care of.

During Widow Syndrome, the reactions of males and females proceeds at a different pace, depending on the life stage of any children the pairing have.

If the male of a newly mated pair dies, leaving the female still in the pregnancy stage, she will instinctively seek out family, preferably his, though her own will also do if she has no other options. Her exposure to the growing fetus will sustain her throughout the pregnancy and up until the child reaches puberty, at which point, her body will proceed into Widow Syndrome and shut down.

If the female dies in the pregnancy stage, the male will follow shortly afterwards. If the child has been born and she dies, he will instinctively seek out his family and give the child to them. He might successfully survive for up to two years, but his cognitive function will be a fraction of what he had previous to his mate’s death. Once he has ensured that his child is secure with his family, he will quickly deteriorate and pass.

Scent Deafness is usually caused by physical trauma to the Gilon brain that damages the center that processes scent markers. In extreme cases, the Gilon will not be able to recognize the scents of family, including their offspring. This results in them acting as if they had never mated at all. However, other cognitive dysfunctions often occur with such traumatic brain injuries, resulting in an individual who is mentally, physically, and emotionally unstable.

This condition will deteriorate further over time and they often do not survive long. Common causes of death include blood clots, bleeding, or swelling of the brain. Mental illnesses that often occur are schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, hallucinations, and multiple personality disorder. A Scent Deaf Gilon will sometimes even go through Widow Syndrome even though their mate is still living, due to their bodies being no longer capable of processing their mate’s scent.