Flu Season

I caught the flu from my dad. It’s only just started for me, and I’m supposed to work Monday-Wednesday this week.

I don’t know if Monday is happening. I already feel like rot, and I barely got over that head-cold thing I caught from Hamacon. :< Although, I may not have a choice about working Monday, given the usual Monday workload. I shall have to see how I feel.


In other news, I’ve been moving old posts from my LiveJournal and old website to this one. So if strange, old, and outdated posts pop up on my tumblr and twitter feed, that would be why. I’ll try to update with some new stuff to counteract the old news flood, but lately my life has consisted of nothing but work.


Nanowrimo is over and I won. I’ve begun editing at my Nanowrimo novel and removed many of the XXX rated stuff this afternoon. So that’s a start. Looking at the bones of this book, it may actually be worth publishing after all. The PROBLEM is that its like book 8 and I don’t have book 3 done yet. D’oh. I need to buckle down and get back to writing book 3. Good news is that I’m slightly more confident in the idea of not having as much in the way of action in book 3, especially if I can balance that with more memorable characters and interesting dialogue. Book 3 is supposed to be more political anyway, and it’s also got Scheerahis in it. He’s so cute! I can’t wait to introduce him to everyone!

I also realized that I need to figure out some way to get Ghost Talent going again, because that book was also very important to understanding some of what’s going on in this as-yet-unnamed Nanowrimo thing. And Faith on Silver Wings.

I also need to write something that isn’t Natan Fleet Show related. Just to have something else going. For the fun of it.


I held a baby for the first time ever Saturday night.

I know. 28 yrs old and female and I somehow managed to avoid babies.

I was at work and coworker brought her 12 week old twins in and I was just sitting there next to her, pondering the pros and cons of touching the babies at all and she just drops her daughter in my lap and is like “hold this” and I’m DEER IN HEADLIGHTS look and all my coworkers start giggling at me and I admitted my terrible secret of having never held a baby before… and coworker shrugged and went back to what she was doing.

I know theoretically how to hold babies. Don’t let their heads flop around and don’t drop them… But that was kinda shocking.


and I think I liked it. *sweatdrop*