Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R

I actually sat through Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R.

This shouldn’t have been as tedious a task as it was, seeing as how much of a Slayers anime fan I am. I mean, I find reasons to like Kopii Rezo! However, that’s not the point of this post.

I actually want to talk about how disappointed I am. For the record, though, I’m GLAD they did another season, and it had its good points, like the moment of complete TORTURE Rezo put Zelgadis through when Rezo refused to tell Zel how to fix his chimera body. That was pretty damn awesome. Also, most of my complaints are from a technical standpoint, rather than hating the anime for the sake of it.

1) The PRETTY of the anime was up by 200%. I approve of this! However, most of it was still shots with only one or two things moving. Like, this was 90% of the anime, and I found it to be distracting! I may as well have been listening to an audio book, instead of watching an anime, since most of the time I was seeing a still shot of Lina’s head with only her mouth moving and I’m thinking “wow. I should take notes on how they colored her eyes, that’s mighty pretty. Oh wait, she’s saying something…” Okay, so the use of reused footage was decreased considerably too, but I still felt like they cut some serious corners with this.

2) The music was blatantly stolen from all the other seasons of slayers. The only new music was the opening and ending themes. As a fan, of course I have all the OST CDs. And of course I can go “That’s the Funny Fishman song!” and “They took that from Try.” And “Hey. It’s Rezo’s theme!” and “Wait – they can’t play that song for Pokota! That’s Zelgadis’s theme from Try!” It was distracting playing Name That Tune inadvertently. Again! I feel cheated! They could have at least REVISED some of the songs to make them new-sounding, instead of just ripping it straight from the OST CDs!

3) For only being 12 episodes long each half-season (24 total), the series had a LOT of filler episodes. For instance, most of the crap that went on with Nama was unnecessary. It didn’t advance the plot at all, except at the end when Xelloss showed up and broke that jar. They could have used those episodes to explain stuff – like Zuuma! For being a fairly important badguy, he really didn’t get much screen time and certainly didn’t explain what his motivations were. Instead, we were forced to sit through several episodes of “HEY IT’S NAGA BUT SHE CAN’T REMEMBER!” and Lina’s too stupid to realize that it IS Naga, and Amelia’s like “herpaderp, we’re just like sisters!” can we talk about beat-the-audience-over-the-head? Yes. We get it. Naga and Amelia are sisters. Let’s move on please? How about we explain why Sylphiel was on the wall at Sairuun?

4) The characters weren’t in character for what they were the rest of the series. And while this is my last point, it was actually the FIRST point at which I stopped watching the season to begin with. ZELGADIS RAN AWAY CRYING BECAUSE SOMEONE CALLED HIM A MONSTER! That’s just so wrong. Can we go back to Try real quick? That part where someone calls him a Dark Hearted Sorcerer-Swordsman and Zel LIKED it! Slayers Next, he’s running around without a mask, in a dress, hitting on cute girls. Slayers first season, Amelia POINTS AT HIM and says “you look weird!” and he gives her a nasty look and tells her it’s rude to point. At none of these moments does Zelgadis EVER run away crying. Although he was seriously depressed/pissed/angsting in Slayers Next when the group went into the Puppet Tower and he got christened with the name Zelgabunny and turned into a doll while wearing the tiger-print “ogre pants”… but that was just embarrassing, and he didn’t run away because he was insulted. And the only other time he blushed was when he had apparently drowned in the Dragon Cuisine episode in Next and Amelia was suggesting CPR on him (and he was looking forward to HER trying it, not Ashford). But back on the subject of characters not being in character; the others were just as guilty of this blatant OOC’ness as Zel. They knew some people, and didn’t know others that they should have, and why the hell didn’t they say a thing about Kopii Rezo in Sairaag and his resurrecting Zanafaar the first time? And why didn’t anyone mention “Hey! What if we got the Bless Blade and tried beating Zanafaar with it?” instead of going, “Oh, I conveniently have a Sword of Light knockoff in my zipper.”

5) Pokota. I just got the feeling that the creators of this series said “We hurd u liek pokemons so we put pokemons in ur slayrs!” and the marketing people said “YES! He’d make a great bag for all the little girls at anime cons to buy because he already has that zipper pocket in his front!” And then I found myself wondering “If Pokota is in a stuffed animal body, why does he need to eat?” And then I’m wondering, “If Pokota’s soul could be transferred to a stuffed animal, doesn’t that completely destroy the premise of the last 3 episodes in which Rezo explains the Hellmaster jars?” ohhh the plot holes, they’ve totally messed up my suspension of disbelief! Although, I should mention that the original 3 series did have plot holes too, but they weren’t so slap-in-the-face. While it didn’t completely ruin the anime, it made it rather disappointing.

Overall, I give Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R a 3 of 5. It did make me laugh. It was entertaining. But as a hardcore fan, I am disappointed, and I’m not sure that they really hit the mark on being accessible enough to new viewers either. I’m left wishing they’d either done a 4th season for real, or done an ACTUAL reboot of season one instead of trying to walk the line between the two.