I should blog more often.

Well, I actually DO blog more often, but you guys don’t see it… mostly because it’s complaining about OKCupid idiots and general whining about life, the universe and everything, which I keep to my physical journal and my friends-only LJ… I’m wondering if keeping my griping and whining to myself is a good practice, or if I should let the general public see more of that? Though it seems to me that letting non-friends see that stuff would be asking for flames and people getting butthurt over something I said.

Also, what if one of those OKCupid idiots comes across my blog and reads what I said about them? That’d be kind of embarrassing. But at the same time, when they say things like:

“You are quite the number. Totally would like to see you topless…..”


“I am suppoed to send you a “nice message” but I am home shitfacedfrom the bar (thats one word) and DAMN, you a’ight! face/win O.K. For SErious, lets catch up some time, yuo seem preeet right for a ppe, and I’m gone. :D? ”

I can’t say as I’m really that impressed, and honestly, if they’re going to drunk-message me just because I have boobs and they think I’m desperate… I think they’re asking to get mocked.

Why are guys like this? I just don’t even…. ugh. Makes me wish I was biologically asexual and could just split off a bud and have a baby all by myself without their help. ):

Unfortunately, I’m still left wanting a relationship of some kind, mostly for the cuddles. At least boys aren’t like dogs (even if they act like it sometimes, constantly looking for a leg to hump) and haven’t been licking their buttholes before they try to put their mouths on mine (which is exactly why I won’t let dogs lick me, btw – or cats for that matter, but cats don’t usually lick anyone but themselves and aren’t NEARLY as slobbery when they do it).
Meanwhile, I HATE my nanowrimo. ):
It was supposed to be a romance but my characters don’t like each other! So now I’ve got zombies attacking them and my F-MC is being a selfish little snit and my M-MC is just trying to return to his normal incorporeal form…

ugh. BEHAVE you two, and start with the sexy making outs! Maybe I should just give up on the romance-plot and make it an action/adventure instead? D: