100MPH Chatter

I went to Hamacon 2: Hama Harder this past weekend. Though, I went as a staff member, since I don’t have book 2 ready yet. I’m aiming to have it done by the Hama’Mini 2, which is Nov 12th, 2011. I ended up working at the raffle ticket table. Raised $200 with my boobs for the Tornado and Tsunami/Earthquake Relief fundraiser the American Red Cross was doing. In total, we got over $1000 raised! (got blisters on my feet for my efforts, but I think it was worth it.) Also worked at the Maid and Butler Cafe as one of the servers. It was fun. I’ll be working it again next year, and I’ve got a few ideas of how to streamline some stuff…

I had a whole bunch of cons I’d planned on selling my book at this year, but some of it fell through due to Derping on my part, and some due to infeasible time-schedule requirements. Such as… me _actually_ getting SoH done in 2 months before Hamacon 2…. (hahahahaaa…ha…oh funny). So I suppose this is another lesson in the pitfalls of self publishing and being your own master when it comes to deadlines. (YAH! Call me queen! *cracks whip*)

Anyway. So here’s the rundown of what happened, for those who’re interested.

* Hamacon 2 – too early to get book done and in print. (since it was this past weekend, and I actually found out about when it was going to be in Feb.)

* Persacon – supposedly sold out of artist tables like… in January?? (I am surprised that the con is this popular with artists?)

* AWA – artist tables were gone the moment the artist alley opened for applications. I should probably wait until I’ve got book 3 on the way and SoH has been out for a bit before I try AWA.

* Dragon*con – hahahaaa. Maybe when I’ve got like… 3 or 4 books. Though I will be going just for funs.

* Hamacon Mini 2 – This is reasonable for me to achieve my goal of getting book 2 done in time.

* Crisis Con – …what is this? Does it exist still? I do not know. :(

I’m sure there are other cons in the area. Like Momocon, I think that’s nearby. But… uh. Not sure what the Tornados have done to it… Besides. I think I’d like to go for fun once before I go and get stuck behind an artist table the whole time. So I at least know what I’m missing.

On the bright side, I’ve got a solid outline for SoH. I guess becoming single again was good for my writing career. Lots more time to myself and lots less inclination to rely on someone else to tell me what to write (and then not give me time to write… but I probably shouldn’t talk about that here.)

(I like parenthetical comments.)

(No. My books don’t read like this. I edit this kind of crap out.) :)

I was thinking of getting a lamination machine to take to cons for when I do commissions. There are some pros and cons to the idea.

I don’t do many commissions.
I rarely sell my originals.
Cost of the machine to begin with.
Then there is the choice between heated and unheated.
I would have to get a paper cutter to clip the laminate in the case of smaller pictures.

When I DO sell my originals/commissions, I can have them laminated all pretty and they’d be more durable and, since I work primarily in pencil, the graphite won’t get everywhere/smear/degrade over time.
I’d be able to laminate the artwork I buy so it’s easier to hang on my wall without damaging the pictures.
The difference mainly in the 2 machines I found were whether they were heated or not (and priced, accordingly).

I really like the quality that a heated machine produces, and the laminate comes in 8″x11″ sheets already, so no waste if that’s the size of pictures I’m doing. These sheets are fairly economical to buy in bulk, at 150 sheets for $50. Heated also means powered and I can’t always count on there being a plug in spot nearby, and can’t exactly carry around a little generator to plug my stuff into.

However, the unheated machine has a long roll of laminate that is I don’t know how long… This would mean that I could laminate longer pictures, or shorter, and not waste lamination sheets. The quality is not as good – in my opinion. The laminate is kind of thin, so the pictures/papers laminated tend to be a bit floppy and there’s the possibility of the lamination coming undone at the edges.
I also wanted to get one of those little scanner machines that are just the scanner bar and the machine rolls the picture through it to scan. But, again, there is cost, as well as power requirements, and I would have to have my computer there, which also requires power. And the only reason why I would use this is because of my pack-rat tendencies about my artwork. It makes me uncomfortable to give away pictures I haven’t saved somehow. Even stupid little scribbles on the back of a notebook or folder. I have to scan them before I can throw them away. …because I’m totally going to do something with them later. /sarcasm.