Elucidation: God and the Lack Of in Playing the Hero

In V1 of Playing the Hero, Natan’s catchphrase was “For God and the Empire!”

However, in V2 of Playing the Hero, I took out “God”
I had a couple reasons for that, which I now intend to explain.

The first group of people I sold my book to were Christians. Without explanation, they were left to assume that “God” meant THEIR god, and that isn’t the case. Considering that Vathion had to explain what the human term “Martyr” meant to his bridge crew in Ch15. (I’d intended for him to make such an explanation in book 2, but the rewrite of Ch15 ended in such a way that I could fit it in reasonably there as a foreshadowing of the themes I explore in Symbol of Hope).

After seeing the reactions of my initial readers, I knew that the Gilon God needed to be explained further, but I could not figure out a way to explain the Gilon’s religion without a massive info dump that would have slowed down the story further. Considering that my whole reason for DOING Version 2 of the book was to remove my amateur info dumps and fix the space battle scenes, I couldn’t justify putting a new info dump right back in. As it is, V2 ended up significantly longer than V1 BECAUSE of Ch15’s rewrite. Given that I”m self published, the size of the book does make a difference in cost.

So “God” got removed from Playing the Hero V2.

However, this doesn’t mean that Gilon do not have a religion at all. This just means that it was too difficult a subject to handle within the confines of this story arc. It will likely get explored further in either Symbol of Hope or The Shaxian Conflict (or whatever I name that book or set of books, as my idea for that one was too damn cool to NOT write at some point in the future).