The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender SUCKED! D:

The dialogue was stupid and stilted, the characters were OOC, the special effects were cool, but could have been cooler, and they did a lot of “telling” not “showing” with the plot. Jumping from one thing to the next without ever showing that oh, time passes in between!

and Aang’s tats. stupid lookin.

oh, and they mispronounced nearly _everyone’s_ names!

The characters:
Flat as it sounds, there’s one thing with every character in Avatar (the cartoon) that’s the main driving force of that character.
Aang = happy
Iroh = Tea
May = Goth
Sokka = hunger
Katara = Motherly
Azula = psycho

the thing is… NONE of the movie’s characters had those qualities. Shamalamadingdong totally sapped ALL the fun out of Aang’s adventure and focused on the Angsty bits, but didn’t put enough character behind the angsty bits to make them anything other than “oh look, Aang’s upset over something? huh?”

The plot:
Shamalamadingdong totally skipped from one cool looking thing to the next, but forgot to take the plot with it. He summed up 20 20min episodes in the most boring hour I’ve ever sat through. In order to explain where the characters were at any moment in the movie, or how they got there, they had Katara voiceover narrate! Seriously… We don’t get away with that in books, you sure as heck can’t get away with that in a movie (especially when this narration occurs every few minutes).

The special effects could have made it cooler, but they totally bombed that one too. Like wtf? There were LOTS of Firebenders running around but they were pitiful!

Oh! and speaking of the Benders – they emphasized the kata and made it look like the KATA is what gives the bender their power, not any kind of natural talent. So they’re flailing their hands and feet around going “Juuust you wait! I’m gonna bend something AWESOME at you! just hold on. I’m almost done with this… yeah! here we go!” paff! “Sorry man, I totally saw that coming and stepped aside. do I really have to watch you do that stupid dance again or can I just kill you?”
Oh, and it took SIX earth benders to pick up a rock the size of a baby and another guy to chuck it. What?

Additionally! The firebenders had to have fire present to be able to bend it. Unlike in the tv show, where they conjure it from their own inner fire of fury and anger and other negative emotions. Iroh was the only one who could go “BOYAKA! I HAS FIRE BYTCHES!” and I guess that sets him apart nicely, but at the same time… it’s TOO blatant a reference to Book 2…

If only Peter Jackson had done this.
It would have been 3hrs long.
but it also would have been frakin EPIC!