Random Dystopia Generator

Random Dystopia Generator


“The Earth has been devastated by a gigantic oil spill, plunging us into a new Victorian age. Corporations have taken over, and we have a shortage of Skittles. Discuss.”

Wow. oil spill led to a Victorian age. Getting a little bit of Current Events in our “random” dystopia generator there?

Well, I guess it makes sense of a sort. Maybe the world ran out of oil, or we decided, as a whole, that running off oil was too dangerous and went back to coal/Steam power. It’d be a pseudo SteamPunk age.

However, I’m totally confused why the shortage of Skittles would be a problem. I mean, they’re good, but they trigger my food allergies and I honestly wouldn’t miss them.

Now, if it were chocolate – which I’m given to understand that there IS actually a shortage of chocolate (how else can I explain the rising price of Dark and the overabundance of waxy “milk” chocolate that’s been rampant for the last fifteen years or more?) – I’d totally look into farming the stuff myself. Somehow. Even though I kill most plants I come into contact with.

Except my office plant. Which I’ve managed to keep alive for several years now. Though, the pot used to have 3 plants. it now has 2. But they’re doing well. o.o;;;
Still, I think cocoa plants require quite a bit more care than a cup of water once a week and occasional pruning of dead leaves. I should research this. For my own curiosity.