Sorting Seeds

Yesterday, I printed out everything I had for Symbol of Hope and then rearranged it all into something slightly more coherent… I described it to my boyfriend like having a basket of seeds, dumping them out on a table and sorting them, just to sweep them all back into the basket once I was done. …Unfortunately, this was the only way to know exactly what I had and how much of each I had. I rewrote one and a half scenes yesterday as well. I made myself feel better about it by saving off a copy of the original document before I started in with the machete. (or scissors as the case actually was. Scissors and tape)
Even though I feel like it was wasted effort, I at least know what scenes have good information in them that can be rewritten.

As a result, I’ve decided to cut a character I introduce in Act 2. Even if he’s mentioned in Book 1, he’s not a character that is absolutely needed, so all his lines are going to probably be reattributed to doctor Savon. Poor Poor Kabare. I beheaded him and took all his lines.

However useful the sorting WAS, I still just don’t feel like I really did any work yesterday. Even if I got rid of 5 extra documents that had ‘deleted scenes that weren’t really as deleted as they should have been’ and storyline bits that I’d thought of, written out, and then not known where to put them. There was also an aborted attempt to take the 2 main characters and write their parts separate – only to realize that in order to make them both useful and interesting, they needed to feed off each other and interact even if the characters themselves never talk to each other until Act 3.

I still need to figure out a way to totally destroy one or the other of the main characters so they can climb back up. I don’t think I’ve quite got that yet. … And, unfortunately, since this series is attempting to be YA, I’m trying to not be as gruesome and dirty as many of my other stories tend to be. Perhaps later, I’ll write a pure fantasy and pull out all the stops.
Unless anyone has any ideas on how I can dropkick a character to the rock bottom without going over the edge of what’s acceptable in a Young Adult book?

Random joke prompted by the rewrite…
Symbol of Hope: Starring the Natan Personality Replacement Program! Played by Johnny Five! (You’ll totally have to read the book to figure out what this one means!)

Additionally, I’ve decided to go to kinkos for all my flier printing needs… considering that my printer, with a practically new ink cartridge is complaining that it’s out of ink (or nearly) after printing about 200 pages of my novel. bleh! Why do they make ink cartridges so expensive when they don’t last very long? I keep the printer turned off when I’m not using it, so it shouldn’t be drying out the ink. Unlike the last printer I had that had some kind of programming that told it that every time the power flickers, it’s to turn on. OR if it’s unplugged and plugged in again, it’s to turn on. Which means that it sat there turned on most of the time because I wasn’t always around to turn it off. Plugging it in every time I needed to use it was obnoxious.

As for Symbol of Hope, the story itself is 160 pages again (full 8×11 pages, with narrow margins even). undoubtedly it will get longer, considering that I’ve got a ton of scenes I don’t have written, like Vathion’s chasing after Ha’Likka, and Surprise Main Character #2’s chasing after Vathion. And I have to give Ha’Likka more scenes to make sure my audience hates her sufficiently. Her and Surprise Badguy #2 – who IS in book 1.
Sadly, until I get the rest of the document fully edited, I don’t think I’ll be able to write any of these scenes – since I might be able to get some of the information required into one of the scenes I’ve already got. Yay! Econo-plotting!