ghost rider

within the first 5 minutes I was hoping the movie would end soon.

I’d not read any of the comics, so I have nothing to compare it to – other than knowing on a gut level that that movie was terrible.

In other news, finished watching season 3 of the X-files. stupid cliffhangers… and we don’t have the next season. I will have to bug my father about that.

I also did more scanning.. yesterday. sometime this weekend.
I’ve got around 550 pictures scanned (though some scans have multiple pictures on them, since scanning tiny things one at a time is silly). half filled my garbage can with old papers (After filling the first one full and then some). Still haven’t made a dent on the Tupperware of old pictures… Why I want to keep them all… I don’t know. but the pack-rat in me refuses to throw it away until it’s scanned. Not that I’ll use these pictures. I just have to have them.

Started rewriting SoH.
Going to cut some important things that were holding together my first draft. …Took me a while to come to this decision. Mostly because I was clutching my first draft like a safety blanket. Only it’s not really a blanket. it’s so full of holes it could easily be mistaken for a doily.